The Legend of Korra An Avatar's Chronicle

The book's cover uses brand new art of Korra.

The Legend of Korra: An Avatar's Chronicle is a hardcover scrapbook published by Insight Edition, written by Andrea Robinson and illustrated by Sora Medina. The fully-illustrated book follows Korra chronicling her trials during her time as the Avatar. It will release on May 21, 2019.[1]


Avatar Korra and her friends chronicle their memories and adventures in this new fully-illustrated scrapbook filled with letters and inserts from your favorite characters.

After the time of Avatar Aang, Korra was revealed as the next Avatar. After training with Aang's son Tenzin, Avatar Korra succeeded in the battle to restore peace between the Spirit World and Republic City, though the victories were hard-fought. In this fully-illustrated scrapbook, Tenzin challenges Korra to chronicle the many trials and lessons she has learned during her time as Avatar.

To complete this task, Korra enlists the help of her many friends and loved ones to share stories, mementos, and artifacts from their many adventures. Readers will discover gorgeous art, inserted posters, special removable keepsakes, photos, and more throughout this book!



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