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The Legacy of Yangchen is the fourth novel in the Chronicles of the Avatar series written by F. C. Yee and the second to focus on the life of Avatar Yangchen. The novel follows the consequences of the Unanimity crisis as the four nations teeter on the brink of conflict. It was released on July 18, 2023.[2]


Common enemies make for strange friends ...

Avatar Yangchen has succeeded in bringing a measure of stability to Bin-Er, but her successes have been limited to a single city, and rumors concerning Unanimity—a weapon capable of total obliteration—have led to increasing tensions among the Four Nations.

Desperate to restore diplomacy, Yangchen attempts to de-escalate hostilities between heads of state. But in the wake of a brutal assassination and the freeing of Unanimity, Yangchen is forced to bring Kavik—the trusted former companion whose betrayal crushed her—back into her fold.

As the Four Nations teeter on the brink of conflict and she begins to unravel the power-hungry Zongdu Chaisee’s true agenda, Yangchen is forced to measure the worth of humanity, and how much can be sacrificed in the name of balance.

This taut and provocative fourth installment in the Chronicles of the Avatar series follows Avatar Yangchen as she charts the course of her legacy, finally making peace with her choices and facing Avatarhood with the courage it demands.


1. "Depths"
2. "Adoration"
3. "Among Friends"
4. "The Spirit Oasis"
5. "Previously"
6. "Coming to the Table"
7. "Mistaken Identity"
8. "Stomping Grounds"
9. "Dead Giveaway"
10. "Gravity"
11. "Second Option"
12. "The Duel"
13. "Mitigation"
14. "Bad Company"
15. "The Oathbreaker"
16. "Matters of Pride"
17. "Baited"
18. "Hooked"
19. "Landed"
20. "Anonymity"
21. "Keeping Pace"
22. "Bonding"
23. "Circumstantial Evidence"
24. "Primary Sources"
25. "The Price"
26. "Aftershocks"
27. "Bereavement"
28. "Extraction"
29. "The Pitch"
30. "Choosing Sides"
31. "Casualties"
32. "Blinking First"
33. "Appetite for Bitter"
34. "The Burial"
35. "Truth"
36. "The Path Forward"
37. "Respite"



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