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The Guardian

Honu is featured as an example for the Guardian playbook.

The Guardian (守護者) is one of the playbooks for Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, an outline of a character archetype that can be customized in the game. The Guardian is one of the ten playbooks featured in the Core Book,[1] and is described as a protector and defender, devoted to others and perhaps to their own detriment. Their balance principles are Self-Reliance vs Trust.[2]


The Guardian defends someone close to them, steadfast and watchful. Play the Guardian if you want to be the first to see danger coming and the last line of defense.[3]

Tough, cynical, protective, devoted. The Guardian is a protector of one other person — their ward — utterly determined to keep them safe and sound against all threats and dangers. Whether or not that person wants protection is not always as important to the Guardian as it should be.

The Guardian knows how dangerous the world can be and is determined to keep someone else safe from that danger. It is an altruistic impulse and a selfish one at the same time — they want to help someone, protect them, but that desire comes from feeling no one else is trustworthy except the Guardian.[4]

  • Starting stats: Creativity -1, Focus +1, Harmony 0, Passion +1
  • Demeanor options: Harsh, Serious, Polite, Quiet, Suspicious, Cautious


The Guardian's struggle is between the principles of Self-Reliance and Trust.

Their Self-Reliance principle is all about a mistrust of others and the world. The Guardian knows they can handle problems on their own, but they have a hard time trusting other people to handle themselves. It is not just about the Guardian's own confidence; it is about their difficulty letting others help or handle things on their own. A Self-Reliant Guardian is very capable and confident, but also likely cynical, doubting others and liable to handle any problem by themselves.

Their Trust principle is about putting faith in others, letting them handle problems without the Guardian's presence or aid. As Trust goes up, the Guardian comes to believe in a greater and stronger connection to others, their companions especially, and comes to rely on them. A Trusting Guardian knows their companions have their back, but might trust to the point of complacency, missing important details or warning signs that a more Self-Reliant Guardian would pick up on.

The Guardian tries to balance these two principles by finding a place where they are acting, working to keep the people they care about safe, but also trusting those people to live their own lives and keep themselves safe most of the time. The Guardian's Moment of Balance exemplifies this; they act to defeat some dangerous villain or threat, putting their own life on the line and relying on themselves, but putting enough trust into others that they do not need to hold back.[4]


Moment of Balance[]

You've sworn to protect the people you care about, but balance is about finding your own place in the world as well. You know what you're capable of accomplishing, and you step up to show the world your unique strength. Tell the GM how you put your own life on the line to defeat a villain or danger that seems unstoppable.[4]


  • Suspicious Mind
  • Badge of Authority
  • Catch a Liar
  • Furrowed Brow
  • Martyr Complex[5]

Growth question[]

Did you pursue a desire or goal of your own, outside of protecting others?

The Guardian's growth question is about edging toward a place of self-development, self-awareness — not just self-reliance, but a belief that takes the Guardian past only protecting people and toward making decisions for themselves.[6]


The known Guardian playbook characters from Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game are:


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