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The Gopher was an Earth Rumble fighter who used an unusual style of earthbending that involved burrowing underground and using tunneling tactics, emerging only to attack.[1] He wore a headband-like mask during his fights.


The Gopher was easily defeated in his match against The Boulder in the tournament and later helped Xin Fu kidnap Aang and Toph, holding them for ransom. Following Toph's release and Xin Fu's refusal to free Aang, she battled and defeated each of the Earth Rumble VI fighters, including The Gopher.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • The idea of an earthbender using his ability for tunneling attacks was also used by the child who created Hiroshi, a character in the comic "New Recruits".
  • Gopher refers to a non-hybrid animal, something which is rare in the Avatar World.
  • Oddly, though jocularly suitable considering his stage name, The Gopher's information is found in the creatures section of "The Blind Bandit" on the original website, as is The Gecko's.


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