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The Gecko was a contestant in the underground earthbending competition Earth Rumble. He wore a distinct bright-green mask and used unique tactics during battle, such as crawling on all fours and using his earthbending to scale walls. He relied on his quick speed and agility to climb around the ring and stay out of the reach of his opponents.[1]


The Gecko was defeated by The Boulder during an Earth Rumble VI match.

The Gecko competed against The Boulder during Earth Rumble VI; however, he was quickly defeated in this match when he was struck in the stomach with a raised earth pillar. When Xin Fu was convinced that Aang and Toph had scammed him, The Gecko, along with the other Earth Rumble contestants, aided him in capturing them both in metal cages and holding them for ransom.

Toph was set free for five hundred gold pieces. However, Aang was still held captive in order to collect the bounty the Fire Nation had set on the Avatar. When Katara and Sokka appealed to Toph for help, the Blind Bandit challenged The Gecko and all the other contestants to a duel. While he was crawling around in search of her, he was hit in the head by a small pebble that Toph tossed at him. He reacted rapidly by jumping up and shooting two earth balls at her. She redirected them easily and raised an earth pillar on the spot where The Gecko was about to land. He was tossed into the air and, after being hit by two more earth pillars, was thrown out of the ring.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)



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