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The Flamey-Os were a skilled Fire Nation band capable of playing a wide range of songs on different tempos. They performed at the secret dance party hosted by Avatar Aang. The band had six members, consisting of two percussionists, a tsungi horn player, another wind player, a pipa player, and a morin khuur player.[1] The band took their passion for music seriously, as they dreamed of touring the world together.[2]


In 100 AG, Aang accidentally enrolled in a Fire Nation school and decided to throw his fellow students a secret dance party after learning about their strict upbringing and lack of self-expression.

The Flamey-Os served as the house band that night, providing catchy music to which the rest of the student body could dance. Even when the staff from the school came to interrupt the party after Hide tipped them off, they kept on playing, even managing to entice two of the guards into swaying to the music. When Aang and the rest of Team Avatar escaped, The Flamey-Os and the rest of the student body stayed behind in the cave.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)



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