"The Decision" is the twelfth chapter of The Rise of Kyoshi.


While flying on Pengpeng, Kyoshi and Rangi make plans to find bending masters to train the Avatar.


Kyoshi wakes up the following morning to see that the storm has dissipated. Rangi and Kyoshi discuss the reality of Kyoshi being the real Avatar. She mentions how messy Kelsang and Jianzhu's search for the Avatar was when she was younger, and Rangi says that she has not heard of someone getting the identity of the Avatar wrong before. She adds that in the Fire Nation, after the Fire Sages announce the Avatar, "it's a done deal", with a festival to celebrate it. Kyoshi asks why she is rambling about Fire Nation holidays, to which Rangi answers that there is just a set way that the Avatar is historically supposed to do things, and they need to find proper masters to teach Kyoshi.

Rangi tries to land Pengpeng so that they can begin searching for bending masters. However, Kyoshi grabs the flying bison's reins and argues that she cannot go to a proper master because they would take her straight back to Jianzhu. Rangi fights Kyoshi for the reins, telling her that she is being ridiculous. Kyoshi, as the Avatar, commands that Rangi listen to her. Due to Rangi's extreme sense of honor, she is forced to obey and finally accepts the reality that Yun is truly dead. Kyoshi admits that she is not ready to face Jianzhu yet and that she needs to find bending masters that were not known to him. Kyoshi infuriates Rangi by suggesting that she will be going alone and commands her to stay behind and then explains that she is not sure how long her journey will take. The bodyguard brushes it off and firmly states that wherever Kyoshi goes, she will go with her.

That evening, Kyoshi watches as Rangi cries in her sleep. Kyoshi digs the tiny clay turtle made of earth out of her sack and decides to practice earthbending with it. She has an ulterior motive to avoid seeking any respected bending master, who would abhor her killing Jianzhu in cold blood. She works on being precise while bending such a small item, but as she focuses her thoughts on making Jianzhu suffer before killing him, she ultimately turns her only keepsake of Kelsang to dust.

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