Avatar Book 2

The cover of The Complete Book 2 Collection features the main characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Complete Book 2 Collection is the boxed set of DVDs containing all twenty episodes from Book Two: Earth. The Region 1 release contains special features and an exclusive bonus disc, which are absent from both the Region 2 and Region 4 releases.

Official summary

Avatar Aang continues his quest to master the four elements before the end of summer. Together with Katara, Sokka, Momo, and Appa, he journeys across the Earth Kingdom in search of an Earthbending mentor.

Along the way, he confronts Princess Azula, treacherous daughter of Firelord Ozai and sister to Prince Zuko. More powerful than her brother, Azula will stop at nothing to defeat the Avatar.

But Aang and the gang find plenty of Earth Kingdom allies to help them along the way. From the swamps of the South to the Earth King's palace, Avatar: Book 2 is an adventure like no other.


Book 2 Earth; Disc 1

Book 2 Earth; Disc 2

Book 2 Earth; Disc 3

Book 2 Earth; Disc 4

Exclusive Bonus Disc


  • The official summary for the Book Two collection uses the term Firelord, spelt as one word, as opposed to the more common spelling of Fire Lord. This error is also seen in the official summary for the Book Three collection.

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