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The Bounty Hunter and the Tea Brewer is an upcoming standalone graphic novel set in the Avatar universe, centered on June and Iroh. In consultation with Avatar Studios, the book will be authored by Faith Erin Hicks, drawn by Peter Wartman, and colored by Adele Matera. Initially planned for release on May 15, 2024,[1][2] it was repeatedly delayed to a release on August 6, 2024.[3]


Deliveries to Uncle Iroh's tea house, the Jasmine Dragon, have dried up! Further complicating Iroh's life, a familiar face – the bounty hunter June – has captured him in hopes of a payday large enough to set her and Nyla up for life. Who hired June, and what do they want with the former Dragon of the West? In an epic trek across the Earth Kingdom, Iroh must confront a part of his past while June considers her future, but however things go...someone's got to free the tea![2]


  • The book will be partially set in a city called Daxia Harbor.[4]


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