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Than's sister[1] was a refugee who journeyed with her brother and his pregnant wife toward Ba Sing Se.[2]


Before starting her journey to Ba Sing Se, she was forced to flee her village along with her family, Than, Ying, and the unborn Hope, after the Rough Rhinos attacked.

Traveling up the west coast for months, she and her family met Team Avatar near the waterfall pond. Both groups decided to travel together toward Full Moon Bay where they would take the ferry toward the Earth Kingdom capital. After they had their passports stolen, Aang agreed to lead them through the Serpent's Pass in order to get them to Ba Sing Se safely.

While Than's sister, her family, and Team Avatar were crossing the pass, an enormous serpent appeared out of the water, threatening the group. Aang, with the help of Katara, defeated the creature[2] and guided the family through the remainder of the pass without trouble. When reaching the end of the pass, Ying went into labor and Than's sister was present during the delivery.

When traveling on to Ba Sing Se, Aang noticed a titanic drill, threatening to break through the wall of Ba Sing Se. With the help of Toph, Aang brought the entire family up to the top of the wall with earthbending. After the destruction of the drill, Than's sister and the rest of her family took the monorail toward the Lower Ring of the city, where they took refuge. On this train ride, she encountered Iroh and Zuko, although she was unaware of their true identities.[3]


Than's sister


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • Though she appeared in nearly every scene in "The Serpent's Pass", as well as a couple of scenes in "The Drill", Than's sister had no lines and was never even formally introduced. Her relationship to Than, Ying, and Hope is known only through
  • Although she traveled with her brother and his wife, she was not seen when Zuko pondered about stealing Than and Ying's food while he was traveling alone.[4]
  • The book The Tale of Toph from The Earth Kingdom Chronicles erroneously refers to her as Ying's sister.


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