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Than was an Earth Kingdom refugee who, along with his sister and his wife Ying, sought shelter in Ba Sing Se during the closing years of the Hundred Year War.


Than lived in a village with his sister before meeting Ying, with whom he fell in love, married, and began a family. However, as Ying was pregnant with the couple's first child, the Rough Rhinos invaded their village, forcing Than and his family to flee to Ba Sing Se to start a safer life there. They traveled for months up the west coast.[2]

Than cares for Ying

Than ensured the well-being of his beloved wife and his unborn child during their travel.

Than and his family were briefly seen by Zuko when he was traveling alone. Than was catering to his pregnant wife and the exiled, starving prince considered stealing from them, but ultimately decided against it upon seeing that Ying was pregnant.[3]

Weeks later, the family met Aang and his friends by a waterfall when they too planned to journey onward to Ba Sing Se. Katara invited them to travel with them through the Serpent's Pass, but Ying informed them that the pass was very dangerous in comparison with the ferry system at Full Moon Bay, their destination. Subsequently, Team Avatar joined Than and his family in their journey to the hidden bay.[1]

At the bay, Than and his family split ways with Team Avatar, though they sought their help after someone stole all their belongings, including their passports and tickets. Aang tried to persuade the clerk to replace their tickets, but she refused, stating that she could not bend the rules. With the family out of options, Team Avatar gave up their own tickets and offered to guide the family through the Serpent's Pass.

Than gives a foot massage

Than gave Ying a relaxing foot massage following their first day of hiking through the Serpent's Pass.

The pass was very straight, although narrow, forcing the group to pass through single file. As the group traveled along a sheer cliff side, Than lost his balance and fell when the ground beneath him crumbled. Toph's immediate reaction saved him, but not before the falling rocks drew the attention of a patrolling Fire Nation ship, which launched a fireball at them, forcing them all to take shelter behind an outcropping wall of rock. After getting through the rest of the day without more trouble, Than helped Ying to recover from the travel by giving her a relaxing foot massage.

The next morning, the travelers were faced with a submerged portion of the way. Katara and Aang parted the waters, forming a bubble of air allowing for them to walk underwater safely. However, the serpent for which the pass was named attacked the bubble, forcing Toph to raise the sea-floor under their feet, stranding them in the middle of the water. Katara created a makeshift passageway of ice to other side while Aang distracted the animal, enabling Than, who protectively held and supported his pregnant wife, and the others to safely cross the ice bridge.

Upon exiting the Serpent's Pass, Ying went into labor. Than supported her once again, lovingly holding her hand, while Katara, who had experience in delivering children, quickly took charge. After the baby was born, Than agreed to name their daughter Hope, proclaiming that it was "a perfect name", in reference to how the entire ordeal had helped Aang through his own emotional turmoil.[1]

Than clutching his family

Than clutched his shocked family as the Fire Nation military marched into Ba Sing Se.

When Aang discovered that the Fire Nation was about the penetrate Ba Sing Se's defenses with a giant drill, Than and his family were brought to the top of the Great Wall when the Avatar and his friends decided to help out. The drill was eventually destroyed, after which Than and his family ventured into the city via the monorail, on which they encountered Iroh and Zuko, without knowing their true identity. Arriving in the Lower Ring, the family established a residence there.[4]

When the Fire Nation troops swarmed the streets of the city sometime after Princess Azula's successful coup, Than protectively clutched his distressed family.[5]


A jovial man who was always happy to greet fellow refugees, Than was a caring husband with a level head who always tried to have an optimistic outlook on life, no matter how bleak it seemed. He provided comfort and words of hope for his wife when she became discouraged.


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  • Than's name is spelled "Than" in the episode credits of "The Serpent's Pass", though as "Tahn" on the old website.


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