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This article is about the gang of earthbenders in Republic City. For other gangs, see Triads in the United Republic.

The Terra Triad is an organized crime unit consisting of earthbenders and nonbenders[3] that has been active in Republic City since at least 138 AG.[4]


Sometime around 138 AG, Suyin Beifong became associated with members of the Terra Triad, much to Lin Beifong's disapproval. Suyin and two boys were examining pieces of jewelry in the living room of the Beifongs in Republic City. As Officer Lin returned home, the three swiftly hid the valuables, claiming they fell off a truck when Lin inquired after their origins. Despite her sister's warnings about associating with triads, Suyin became involved in a robbery in 142 AG by driving the getaway Satomobile, which was promptly pursued by Lin after she received a warning from the police headquarters about the crime in progress. The three members involved were apprehended soon after, although Suyin's arrest report was immediately discarded by Chief Toph Beifong, who worried about the repercussions of having a daughter in jail. Under her mother's orders, Suyin left the triad as well as the city to live with her grandparents.[4]

The capable and powerful earthbender, Kyung Woong, helped to establish the Terras as one of the preeminent triads in all of Republic City. However, Woong was eventually caught in an all-out brawl with the Creeping Crystal Triad. Lin Beifong and the Metalbending Police Force captured Woong and sent him to prison. However, the Kyungs remained respected in the criminal underworld of Republic City, and many came to expect Woong's son, Dae, to carry on his father's legacy.[5]

The Terra Triad ultimately fell on hard times and was gradually weakened in clashes with other triads in Republic City. However, a businessman and inventor named San Ho came to the rescue, funding and assisting the criminal group in return for their cooperation in his own illegal activities. To ensure the triad's support, San Ho propped up Steely Ning as the Terra Triad's boss, factually turning her into a puppet. Even though they were thankful for San Ho's aid, the triad members were still wary of his growing control over the group, and consequently looked to the gang's second-in-command, Wei Tia, for leadership. Regardless, Steely Ning remained firmly in control, using San Ho's support to crush any open dissent.[1][6] The gang subsequently regained considerable power,[1] extending its control in the Dragon Flats borough.[7]

At some point around or after 174 AG, San Ho decided to finally use his assets, including the Terra Triad, to enact his long-planned vengeance on his former partner Wakkanai as well as First Gentleman Varrick.[8] On the businessman's orders, the gangsters kidnapped Varrick and prepared to sabotage Wakkanai's primary water treatment plants in Republic City. However, some triad members, most importantly Wei Tia, grew increasingly concerned about the plot. Exploding the city's main water supply, not to mention murder the First Gentleman in the process, seemed like it ultimately would do more harm than good to the gang and the criminals' lower-class families and friends.[6]


Bi Mi Tang Dumpling serves as the Terra Triad's headquarters. The restaurant serves hopelessly mediocre dumplings, but the customers are not always there for the cuisine. Rather, it is a location for "business" in the criminal underworld of Republic City. Information flows in and out of Ba Mi Tang, and the place is packed with people of all kinds and a constant cacophony.

All throughout the Ba Mi Tang Dumpling Headquarters are Terra Triad goons, watching everyone. Wei Tia and Steely Ning can be found in the place. While the triad cannot possibly keep a lid on the exchane of information, they try to slow the flow of information to ensure no one learns what they are up to in time.[9]

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  • The triad is a reference to typical 1920s American mobsters.
  • According to Skoochy, the Terra Triad was recruiting new members for "something big" in 170 AG.[10]


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