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The Terra Team is an elite platoon of earthbenders, formerly under the command of General Sung, with the responsibility of defending the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. It is a capable group, organized and coordinated in its actions, and its members wear uniforms similar to those worn by regular earthbenders, but with different colored helmets and armor.[1]


As an elite platoon, the Terra Team was the first line of defense for Ba Sing Se; instead of relying on the strength of the Outer Wall, it faced enemies on the plains before the fortification.

When the Fire Nation headed toward the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se with a giant drill and a small force of tundra tanks to breach it, General Sung deployed six squads of the Terra Team to thwart the attack. Waiting in the cover of deep trenches, the platoon allowed the Fire Nation units to approach within range before launching their attack. The six squads jumped out of their trenches and began a massive assault. Riding on earth waves, they easily eliminated the tundra tanks and began to directly attack the colossal machine with earth pillars, attempting the jam the joints of the drill. However, despite their best efforts, they were not able to stop its progression in the least.

With the fall of its last man, the Terra Team was defeated by Ty Lee.

A few moments later, the earthbenders found themselves targeted by a Fire Nation counterattack and were forced to defend themselves against Princess Azula's companions, Mai and Ty Lee. Their powerful, though slow earthbending proved to be no match for the superior agility and precise attacks of the two girls, and the Terra Team was swiftly defeated.

The defeated warriors were brought to safety atop the Great Wall where they received healing at the hands of Katara. However, she could not undo the effect of Ty Lee's chi blocking.[1]


  • In Latin and some Latin-derived languages, terra translates as earth, and is used as the name of the Roman Earth goddess.


  • In the Swedish series of Avatar: The Last Airbender, General Sung incorrectly says "Terror Team" ("Terror Teamet" in Swedish) instead of "Terra Team".


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