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This template is to add episodic references for comics.
Type {{Cite comic|<comic shortcut>}} somewhere.
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{{Cite comic|P1}}

DiMartino, Michael Dante; Konietzko, Bryan; Yang, Gene Luen (writer), Sasaki of Gurihiru (penciling, inking), Kawano of Gurihiru (colorist), Heisler, Michael; Comicraft (letterer). The Promise Part One (January 25, 2012), Dark Horse Comics.

BC = Bee Calm
BDO = Boys' Day Out
BRDG = The Bridge
BTRO = Bumi vs Toph, Round One
CMT = Combustion Man on a Train
DBI = Don't Blow It!
DD = Dragon Days
DIOSD = Dirty Is Only Skin Deep
DWF = Divided We Fall
EIA = Ember Island Arcade
FFL = Friends for Life
FSF = Fruit Stand Freestyle
GaT = Game Time
GHA = Going Home Again
GT = Gym Time
ION = It's Only Natural
LIB = Love Is a Battlefield
LP = Lost Pets
LSN = Lessons
MS = Monster Slayer
NA = Night Animals
NBA = No Benders Allowed
NR = New Recruits
OR = Origami
PF = Private Fire
RBND = Rebound
RLCS = Relics
RT = Reach for the Toph
SA = Sokka the Avatar
SB = Sleepbending
SC = The Scarecrow
SH = Shells
SP = Sokka's Poem
STRS = Sisters
SU = The Substitute
SwB = Swordbending
TAT = Team Avatar Tales
TATB = Toph and The Boulder
WW = Water War
Graphic novels
I1 = Imbalance Part One
I2 = Imbalance Part Two
I3 = Imbalance Part Three
ILE = Imbalance Library Edition
KPS = Katara and the Pirate's Silver
NS1 = North and South Part One
NS2 = North and South Part Two
NS3 = North and South Part Three
NSLE = North and South Library Edition
P1 = The Promise Part One
P2 = The Promise Part Two
P3 = The Promise Part Three
TPLE = The Promise Library Edition
R1 = The Rift Part One
R2 = The Rift Part Two
R3 = The Rift Part Three
TRLE = The Rift Library Edition
RE1 = Ruins of the Empire Part One
RE2 = Ruins of the Empire Part Two
RE3 = Ruins of the Empire Part Three
S1 = The Search Part One
S2 = The Search Part Two
S3 = The Search Part Three
TSLE = The Search Library Edition
SS1 = Smoke and Shadow Part One
SS2 = Smoke and Shadow Part Two
SS3 = Smoke and Shadow Part Three
SSLE = Smoke and Shadow Library Edition
TBMA = Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy
TW1 = Turf Wars Part One
TW2 = Turf Wars Part Two
TW3 = Turf Wars Part Three
TWLE = Turf Wars Library Edition
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