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Tenzin using a telephone

Tenzin received news of Avatar Korra's apparent capture over a telephone.

The telephone is an electronic device used in Republic City to communicate across long distances.


Hiroshi Sato used a telephone to keep in contact with an unknown individual after the raid on Cabbage Corp's headquarters, stating that the raid bought him time to execute additional plans.[1]

Tenzin later used a telephone to receive news that Korra was captured and to contact someone about finding her following Tarrlok's kidnapping of the Avatar.[2]

Telephone lines were used extensively by the Metalbending Police Force to contact other officers in the field. However, during the battle for Republic City, the lines were sabotaged by the Equalists and shut down.[3]


Telephones come in two known forms:

  • Candlestick - A two-part phone with the speaker on one part and a microphone on a candlestick-like tube along with a dialer.
  • Rotary dialer - A two-part phone with a microphone and speaker on one end and a dialer on a box like form.


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