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Team Avatar's Upper Ring house is a one-story house with three bedrooms and one washroom located in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. It was inhabited by Team Avatar during their stay in the city, with furnishings and additional services given to the Avatar free of charge.


Shortly after arriving in Ba Sing Se, Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph were brought to this home which would be their place of accommodation while in the city.

Team Avatar enjoyed the comforts of the house, however, perhaps in a way that most would view poorly. For example, at one point Aang sprawled out atop the lounge's banister, Sokka laid on the floor and propped his feet against a painting on the wall, and Toph tossed half-eaten food to the floor while flicking snot onto the ceiling without concern. Katara, however, treated the house responsibly during her stay there.[2]

Team Avatar divided the available bedrooms for each to use, with Toph claiming a room for herself.[3][4]


Team Avatar spent time relaxing in their home.

Despite sour moods and unhelpful events, Team Avatar mostly enjoyed their stay in this house. Everyone made use of the amenities provided to them, even using some of these perks in an attempt to meet Earth King Kuei when Katara discovered a party being thrown for his pet bear, Bosco.[2]

At one point, Team Avatar mutually agreed to no longer heed the rules restricting them. Toph took it upon herself at this moment to blow out an entire front corner of their home using earthbending. This damage was immediately tasked to be repaired, leading to scaffolding and a tarp to protect against the elements being moved in as the reconstruction began.[1]



Team Avatar's Upper Ring house is a single-story house. Wide, stone steps stand before the front door at the center of the building, leading to a finely laid stone street in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. These steps lead to a tiled porch supported by stone pillars. This porch wraps around the perimeter of the building.[2][3]

A small stone mailbox to which Ba Sing Se newspapers and other announcements were delivered adorns the pillar closest to the front door, facing the street. The house sports twelve windows, four on the front and back, and two on each side; one per room. Each window is made of wood of a rich brown hue, and each has yellow shutters. The windows are on hinges, allowing them to fully swing open to let in the warm air of the Earth Kingdom.[2]

A white picket fence surrounds the building, enclosing the green grassy yard with sparsely placed trees. Lining the perimeter of the house and its porch is a trimmed, evenly spaced line of shrubbery. The back yard is a decent sized, open grassy field. Close to the home, rocks can be found jutting up from the ground, perfect to lean against if desired.[2][3]



The main entrance opens to a vast living room with a raised ceiling. The living room leads to four rooms through elegant wooden doors, two on each side. At the rear end of this room stands a stepped lounge, complete with a railing further sectioning this area off from the main floor.[2]

The floor is not traditional wood as seen in many of the world's buildings, but finely laid stone tiles. It is uncertain what the walls are made of, possibly smooth stonework painted soft golden-yellow indoors.[2][3]


The house comes fully furnished with all supplies necessary to live both comfortably and aesthetically. Each room has a large square carpet that sports a dark green border with a light green square center to match the Earth Kingdom feel. In the living room, one such carpet sits beneath a low-set dark wooden table. Surrounding this table are four lime-green pillows to serve as comfortable sitting areas. The stepped room at the back offers similar pillows strewn about the larger carpet in pairs of two, allowing the house's occupants to lounge. Similar pillows await the guests in each bedroom.[2][3]

Intricate paintings are hung on each of the room's walls, each artistry different than the other. Green drapes surround the stepped lounge, all drawn back upon Team Avatar's arrival to the building. It is possible to lower all the drapes, the length of which would extend to the wooden banister below, allowing for the utmost privacy to encase the entire room in their dark green hues.[2]


Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Momo merrily readied themselves for the day in the house's washroom.

A small chest of drawers sits just beside the wall beneath the corner of the stepped lounge on either side, a simple lantern resting on its surface. Similar small desks sit in opposite corners of the room, although these bear either potted plants or finely crafted vases and pots.[2]

At either side of the living room's main double-doorway, and in the back corners of the lounge, tall blue vases stand elegantly. Stylish lanterns hang from the ceiling, providing vibrant lantern light to illuminate the warm colors of the interior. Wooden chairs can be found in the neighboring bedrooms set against the walls, should the guest prefer to draw them out in lieu of the room's current layout.[2][3]

The washroom offers a tall mirror mounted to a large, wooden desk. This bench holds a small number of wooden bars for which to hang washcloths after use.[3]


During Team Avatar's stay in Ba Sing Se, they were well tended to and treated as esteemed guests. They received free meals delivered to them regularly, as well as replenishable snacks in sufficient quantity, offered in bowls or similar containers located throughout the house. Because the food was provided, the house did not have a kitchen. Fresh towels and washcloths were provided as well, and sufficient materials for sustained light were preserved. The services even extended to home repair, should the need arise, and Team Avatar received news, which was deposited in a mailbox on the porch of the house.[1][2][3]


  • Given the size of the main room and the size of the house, there is not enough space to accommodate more than the central room, leaving the various bedrooms and washroom nowhere to be positioned. This is emphasized when Toph destroys the corner of the building, revealing yet again that the main room actually encompasses the entire area of the house.
  • The green drapes of the stepped lounge change color to brown, most notably when Aang, Sokka, and Momo don them as robes. In "The Tale of Momo", the drapes change color again, this time to red, in addition to the lime green pillows changing to purple.


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