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This tavern, located in a dangerous part of town on the Earth Kingdom's west coast, is close to a trading port. This seedy spot welcomes people from any nation, though it is preferable not to reveal which one. The tavern was "the place" for people who wanted to "gamble their money away", and there was always a fight every night.[1]


When she was not hunting a bounty, this small tavern was frequented by June. It was host to a major gambling business and an arm wrestling competition, which June dominated in her free time.

Prince Zuko came here twice seeking June's assistance. The first time, he hired her to capture the Avatar in order to please his father.[2] The second time he came to her was also to find Aang, but this time he wanted to help his friends to find him before the arrival of Sozin's Comet.[3] This way, Aang could prevent the Fire Lord's use of its power to burn down the Earth Kingdom.[4]


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