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Tarrlok's task force was a special unit created by Councilman Tarrlok with the objective of bringing Amon and his followers to justice. The task force was created following the approval of the United Republic Council. The team was comprised of several skilled waterbenders and earthbenders; Avatar Korra was initially a member of the task force,[1] but later resigned after disagreeing with Tarrlok's methods.[2]


The task force was conceived by Tarrlok in response to an Equalist event called "The Revelation", where Amon's ability to remove people's bending was revealed to a public audience, in which Avatar Korra was a spectator.[3] The task force's creation was opposed by Tenzin, fearing that a move this aggressive would only further the division between benders and nonbenders. However, the proposal was supported by the remaining Council members, thus proclaiming Amon public enemy number one in Republic City.

Tarrlok made several attempts to persuade Korra to join the task force by sending a range of extravagant gifts to her, from a gift basket to a luxurious Satomobile. She was ultimately pressured into becoming a member when Tarrlok forced her into a public setting during a gala he had thrown in her honor, where the press asked her accusing questions about her apparent inaction against the Anti-bending Revolution.

Tarrlok and the task force first decided to raid a chi-blocker training camp.

In City Hall, Tarrlok explained to the task force that their first mission was a raid on an underground chi-blocker training facility located in a Dragon Flats borough bookstore cellar. Led by the Councilman, the group first flooded the camp and froze four Equalists, followed by earthbending attacks that broke through the wall, allowing the benders to storm in and quickly subdue the majority of the other chi-blockers. One chi-blocker threw a smoke grenade, but Korra intercepted and froze it, trapping the gas inside. She pursued the last two fleeing chi-blockers and tripped on a wire just as an Equalist jumped down from above. She stopped him by kicking a rock into his chest, but when another one was about to ensnare her, Tarrlok froze him against the wall just in time. The flawless raid made the front page of the newspaper as Tarrlok called a press conference together and showcased the arrest of several Equalists to the journalists.

The task force took the captured Equalists into custody after the successful raid.

After Korra challenged Amon to a duel on Aang Memorial Island, Tarrlok claimed to have prepared a fleet of police airships that would swoop down if something went wrong; however, these never came despite Korra's capture.[1]

Following these events, Korra took a leave of absence from the task force to prepare for the upcoming Pro-bending Tournament with her team, the Fire Ferrets.[4]

After the successful Equalist attack on the Pro-bending Arena, Tarrlok called a press conference, during which he placed blame for the arena's destruction on Lin Beifong. Throughout this speech, Tarrlok's task force stood behind him, acting as his personal bodyguards.[5]

Tarrlok ordered his fellow task force members to arrest Asami Sato.

After Lin Beifong resigned as Chief of Police, her replacement, Saikhan, stated that he would report to Councilman Tarrlok in all matters concerning the Equalists and agreed to lend any of the police force's available resources to Tarrlok and his task force; as a result, the Councilman's influence in the police force increased greatly. With the police on his side, the Chairman began to implement his idea of a "safe" Republic City. Later on, the task force aided Tarrlok when he commanded the police to mass-arrest innocent nonbenders of the Dragon Flats borough. During this event, task force members also arrested the opposing members of Team Avatar.[2]

Following Tarrlok's capture and the loss of his bending, the task force still remained active. After Amon secured Republic City for the Equalists, at least one member of the task force lost his bending to Amon.[6]

Equipment, methods, and abilities

As a covert unit and elite law enforcement team that was directly led by the Chairman of the United Council, Tarrlok's task force was excellently equipped and trained.[1]

A task force member brutally slammed an Equalist into a wall with earthbending.

All task force members wore a standardized uniform in purple and dark blue, as well as light armor with shoulder pads. Besides Tarrlok and Korra, the members were also equipped with helmets. In addition, they had access to police cars, police trucks and fire engines; the fire engines were used to transport large amounts of water to operational areas throughout the city, so that the waterbending members were able to bend at full strength.[1][2]

The task force solely consisted of benders, capable of making efficient and precise use of their earthbending and waterbending. During the attack on the chi-blocker training camp, the benders preferred surprise attacks to prevent Equalists from effectively using their equipment or escaping. In attacking, they fought without any restriction or hesitation, freezing their opponents on the spot or rendering them unconsciousness by throwing them against the walls. Their efficiency, as well as the members' absolute loyalty to Tarrlok and the government, allowed them to fight as a single, elite unit.[1]

Known members