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Tarrlok's hideout is a two story cabin located somewhere in the snowy mountains that surround Republic City. It was here that Tarrlok hid Avatar Korra following her abduction.[1]


Upon defeating Korra in a duel at City Hall, Tarrlok placed the Avatar in the back of a police truck and drove her to his hideout hidden in the mountains surrounding Republic City.[2] Tarrlok told Korra that no one would ever find her there and that she would never see Republic City again. Once they arrived at the hideout, the councilman carefully used bloodbending to entrap Korra in a metal box that was inside the cabin and returned to City Hall as soon as he had finished his task.

Unable to escape her metal prison, Korra meditated on her previous visions of Aang, provoking more images of her predecessor, as well as of Sokka and Toph at Yakone's trial, learning that Yakone possessed the same bloodbending abilities that Tarrlok had demonstrated during their duel.

Tarrlok's cabin

The cellar is spacious enough to contain a metal box in which Tarrlok imprisoned Korra.

Upon Tarrlok's return to his hideout and his blaming Korra for ruining his life, Korra revealed that she knew that he was Yakone's son. He told her of how he had to recreate his identity in order to hide the ties between his father and himself. Tarrlok informed Korra that he would once again begin a new life and that she was going to come with him as his prisoner. Just as the councilman was preparing to leave, he was stopped by Amon, who, along with several Equalists and the Lieutenant, had come to the cabin to capture the Avatar. Tarrlok easily took out all of the Equalists with his bloodbending except for Amon, who was able to resist Tarrlok's bending. The Equalist leader quickly moved in and took away Tarrlok's bending, before placing him inside a truck parked outside the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Lieutenant, along with various other Equalists, entered the building's basement, intending to capture the Avatar. The Lieutenant, acting on Amon's order, electrocuted the box, but due to some quick thinking, Korra was able to avoid being electrocuted. As soon as the Equalists opened the metal box, Korra unleashed a barrage of bending and escaped outside. Once she escaped, the Avatar launched a number of large icicles at Amon, who ran after her in pursuit. Korra managed to escape by using her waterbending to snowboard down the mountainside, but ended up crashing. She was found by Naga soon after, and the two returned to Republic City.[1]


Tarrlok's hideout, despite being located on a mountainside at a high altitude, is easily accessible via automobile from Republic City. The cabin is brown and made primarily from wooden planks, though many are fragmented and decaying. Two rectangular windows, one of which has curtains, can be found to the side. The building's interior, although spacious, is not well-kept and quite run-down. Numerous different pieces of worn-out furniture dot the structure's upper level, which has an elevated and slanted ceiling. A stairway at the rear of the house leads down to the basement, and a highly secure metallic cage lies at its center. This room has only one lamp, which points downward and directly toward the cage.[1]


  • Tarrlok's hideout is an homage to film noir, which features the use of hidden mountainside cabins as a common plot device.[3]


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