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Tara Strong is a Canadian voice actress and singer who provided the voices for Tom-Tom, Actress Azula, and an additional character across three episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She also had an uncredited role as the voice of Rohan across the first three books of The Legend of Korra.

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Personal life[]

Tara Lyn Charendoff was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, to Jewish-Canadian parents Syd (1935–present) and Lucy Charendoff (1936–2004), who ran a convenience, toy, and candy store called The Wiz. Strong's acting career began when she volunteered to be a soloist in a school production at age four. Soon, she began acting in the Yiddish Theater; though she did not know Yiddish, she memorized her lines phonetically. During this time, she also performed at the Toronto Jewish Theater, where she acted in A Night of Stars, and was featured in an audiotape for "Lay Down Your Arms" with the Habonim Youth Choir. With the choir, she sang the lyrics in both English and Hebrew, a feat she repeated on February 10, 2005, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel during the March of the Living dinner in honor of Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At age thirteen, Strong was accepted into a performing arts school, where she landed her first professional role, Gracie, in the Limelight Theater's production of The Music Man. That same year, she booked a guest starring role in Mr. T's T. and T. Afterward, she landed the title role in Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater and starred in the short-lived CBC Television sitcom Mosquito Lake before moving to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Strong met American actor Craig Strong in early 1999 at a party hosted by Sharon Stone's sister, Marla. They married on May 14, 2000. They have two sons, Sammy James Strong, born February 5, 2002, and Aden Joshua Strong, born August 25, 2004. The family resides in Toluca Lake, California, with their two dogs, Abbey and Baci. She and her husband are the founders of VoiceStarz, Inc., an Internet-based company which teaches people how to get into the voice-over business.


  • 2013: Won an AOF/WAB Award for Police Guys (Outstanding Cast Performance)
  • 2004: Won an Interactive Achievement Award for Fainaru Fantajî X-2 (Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance - Female)