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Tao was a waterbender raised on a pirate ship who tried to make amends after losing the cook who raised him due to his own actions.[1]


Tao was raised on a pirate ship by a cook who cared for him like a son. Years later, Tao wanted to make enough money to make it on his own, so he stole from the captain's coffers, and when the captain found out, the cook took the fall for the theft to protect Tao.

After losing the person most important to him, Tao tried to live life on the straight and narrow, but could not avoid fighting anyone who reminded him of the captain's cruelty. When Tao came to Ba Sing Se, he met a group of companions that included himself, Masaru, Sarnai, Jing, and Quartz. In these companions, he was able to find something that he had missed dearly: family.[1]


Tao was a flippant and rebellious individual, and was ready to fight anyone who reminded him of the cruelty displayed by the captain on the pirate ship where he was raised.[1]


A competent waterbender, Tao made frequent use of ice daggers. Tao would often defend others by stepping into the way of blows intended for his allies.[1]


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