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Ta Min was a Fire Nation noblewoman and the wife of Avatar Roku. Her long family lineage spurred many renowned figures, such as Fire Lord Zuko, Princess Azula, Fire Lord Izumi, and Iroh, general of the United Forces.


Early life and career[]

Ta Min was born as the firstborn daughter of one of the Fire Nation's noble clans. Her family maintained their standing through their business dealings, and became one of the wealthiest in the Fire Nation. She chose to attend the Fire Nation's prestigious University over the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, even though the latter was the far more common choice for a firebender. She aspired to become a diplomat after completing her education.[4]

Roku had a crush on Ta Min, but every time he saw her in common social circles of nobility, he would become nervous and never exchange any meaningful words with her. She was present at Roku and Prince Sozin's birthday when the former learned of his status as the Avatar.[1]

After graduating from university, Ta Min wanted to start a career, but her father clung to his clan's old ways, and thought that his daughter should first focus on securing a marriage for herself. Ta Min's father also set his sights on joining his line to the royal family, and viewed Prince Sozin as the perfect candidate. However, Ta Min had no intentions of marrying before she was ready.

Sozin knew of Ta Min's aspirations, and the pair developed a transactional relationship. He offered to help her apprentice as a diplomat, thus providing her a way to start work without her parents disagreeing. However, his offer was made on the condition that she bring a private message to Roku at the Southern Air Temple. Three months after the Avatar left the Fire Nation Capital, Ta Min arrived at the temple, and was allowed to see the Avatar. Marking their first real conversation, Ta Min told Roku about the Earth Kingdom efforts to occupy an island in the Sibuyan chain, which was officially within the borders of the Fire Nation. She then told him that Sozin wanted him to persuade the Earth Kingdom to leave, using his position as the Avatar to avoid turning it into an international incident. Roku declined, claiming he needed to focus on his training. While Ta Min was disappointed, she accepted Roku's offer to spend the next few days at the temple.[4]

After becoming involved in a series of conflicts and conspiracies, Ta Min was appointed by Sozin as the Fire Nation emissary to Omashu. Officially a diplomat, she was actually supposed to spy on Queen Guo Xun, though Sozin eventually became suspicious that the Fire Nation noblewoman was sending next to no information to her superiors.[3] Meanwhile, Ta Min would grow closer to Roku, becoming attracted to his persistence, kindness, and intelligence.[2]

Marriage and later life[]

Young Roku and Ta Min

Ta Min married Roku after he completed his Avatar training.

Roku and Ta Min eventually married each other, with Sozin taking the position of Roku's best man. At the wedding, Sozin asked Ta Min for permission to speak privately with Roku. She replied that it was not traditional, but nevertheless allowed the Fire Lord to do so.

Ta Min acquired a house with her husband on his home island,[1] and the couple later had a daughter, Rina.[5] Years later, in 12 BG, the couple was awoken from their sleep when they felt the earth tremble. Hurrying outside, they were met by huge clouds of ash from an erupting volcano. Roku remained on the island to battle the volcano in order to give his wife and the other villagers time to escape. Ta Min waited anxiously on a boat, watching her husband's attempts to stop the lava.[1]

Her love for Roku persisted even after his death, as she never remarried. Ta Min quietly lived the rest of her life on Ember Island.[2]


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Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book Three: Fire (火)[]


  • Ta Min was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voiced Ta Min's great-granddaughter, Azula.
  • When Ta Min was younger, her hair resembled Katara's Fire Nation disguise hairstyle, and also resembled Ursa's hairstyle.
  • Besides her hair, Ta Min looked remarkably similar to her granddaughter, Ursa.
  • At her wedding, Ta Min's clothing and hairstyle resembled that of a traditional Korean royal bride.
  • Ta Min had a tiny beauty mark just below the corner of her left eye.
  • Ta Min was one of the few Fire Nation citizens to not have amber-colored eyes.
  • Other than her great-granddaughter, Azula, Ta Min was the only named female firebender to feature in the original series, other than the female Avatars. However, Ta Min was never shown using her element, and was only revealed to be a bender in The Reckoning of Roku.
  • In a picture of the Fire Nation Royal Family included in Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation, Ta Min's name is misspelled as "Tamin".[7]


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