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This swami was Varrick's personal levitation instructor who was fired when Bolin revealed him as a fraud.[2]


When Varrick traveled to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival, the swami traveled with him, pretending to teach him levitation. He tricked Varrick into believing that he was levitating, and the people around Varrick were too afraid to tell him otherwise as they were unsure of how he would react to the news. However, after Bolin, who had accompanied Asami on her visit to see Varrick, stated that Varrick was just sitting on a pillow, the swami was angrily fired by the businessman. Upon leaving, the swami scowled at Bolin before he bowed respectfully to Varrick and scurried off the latter's yacht.[2]


The Legend of Korra[]

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)[]

Book Four: Balance (平衡)[]


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