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Suzu was an earthbender and farmer from Yokoya. In her youth, she was among those who regularly harassed a local servant girl, Kyoshi, due to her closeness to the suspected Avatar, Yun, despite her status as outsider and orphan.[1]


Suzu was born around 312 BG. As a result, she was the ideal age to be the possible successor of Avatar Kuruk. When Jianzhu and Kelsang visited Yokoya in 305 BG, Suzu was among the Earth Kingdom children presented with the Avatar relics at the two-story town meeting hall. Suzu selected two of the four artifacts that had belonged to the Avatars of the past, a whirly flying toy and a drum, much to the surprise of Jianzhu and Kelsang. Afterward, however, Suzu walked toward a stuffed hog monkey and, instead of picking up the toy, she violently stepped on it until the stitches ripped. Her father wrestled the other toys out of her grasp and took her outside the meeting hall.[1]

Suzu grew to resent Kyoshi since she lived at the Avatar mansion and had a relatively good life whereas Suzu had to toil on her parent's fields, breaking her nails against fieldstones. Suzu was implied to have physically harmed Kyoshi at one point in the past.

In 296 BG, Suzu and her friends Aoma and Jae held up Kyoshi outside the Avatar mansion as she was delivering a jar of pickled spicy kelp. Suzu criticized Kyoshi by claiming that the latter did not care about farming matters since she was a servant girl. When Suzu arrived at the Avatar mansion, she insulted Jianzhu by referring to him as a "Ganjinese". She balled her fists and moved toward Kyoshi when the latter insulted her, realizing that she could harm Kyoshi since Aoma had rendered the servant helpless. However, before she could lay her hands on Kyoshi, she was stopped by Rangi, Yun's bodyguard and a friend of Kyoshi. Intimidated by the appearance of the firebender, Suzu backed away from servant girl and fled with Aoma and Jae back to the village after Rangi told them to leave the grounds of the mansion.[2]


Suzu was known to be arrogant and incisive as she claimed that Kyoshi did not care about farming matters since she was a servant girl. She also disliked outsiders in general, holding not just Kyoshi but also Jianzhu in disdain. She even worded Jianzhu's ethnicity—"Ganjinese"—in a way that it sounded like an insult.[2]


Kyoshi novels

The Rise of Kyoshi


  • Jianzhu internally referred to Suzu as the "Butcher of Hog Monkeys" after he witnessed her destroy the Avatar Relic.[1]


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