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The chef is Suyin Beifong and her family's personal culinary expert. Prior to his employment, he roamed the seas as a pirate.[1]


Sometime after 141 AG, Suyin hired this man to serve as her personal chef to which he agreed, abandoning his life as a pirate and moving to Zaofu.

In 171 AG, Suyin asked her chef to prepare dinner for her family, who was hosting Avatar Korra and her company. That night, the chef entered the matriarch's dining hall and presented the group with a dish consisting of seared wild elephant koi with a ginger-infused pea tendril and hibiscus root salad, much to Suyin's delight.[1]

After Lin Beifong awoke from a sixteen-hour sleep, the chef served her breakfast and presented her with the "kalenutsco", a smoothie made using a mixture of kale, walnuts, and coconut water.[2]

The chef served Opal a kale wrap during her farewell dinner, remarking that he would miss the airbender as she was the only individual who appreciated his raw vegetable wraps.[3]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)



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