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This article is about the Earth Kingdom general. For the Fire Nation constable, see Sung (constable).

General Sung was a member of the Council of Five, a group of the Earth King's most trusted generals who dictated Earth Kingdom military policy.[2] He was in charge of defending the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se,[1] the Earth Kingdom capital city.

Although highly incompetent, he was promoted to the rank of General. His poor commanding skills were countered by his eloquence, allowing General Sung to talk his way out of most problems, and leaving the real work to those who "knew what they were doing".[3]


Sung was present on the Outer Wall when the Fire Nation arrived with a massive drill to penetrate it. He immediately took over the coordination of the defense, sending in the Terra Team to put a stop to the enemy's advance. Concurrently, Team Avatar also arrived at the combat zone and Avatar Aang promptly offered their help. Sung turned them down, however, believing that he had the situation under control. He explained that, with the exception of General Iroh, no one had ever managed to break through the Outer Wall successfully, noting that even Iroh's forces were quickly expunged. The general even attempted to make a joke about the name Ba Sing Se, meaning "impenetrable city", but swiftly grew serious again after noticing that nobody laughed. Sung kept on eye on the progress of his elite team of earthbenders from atop the wall. However, much to his horror, they were quickly defeated by Mai and Ty Lee, causing him to panic and scream that they were "doomed". After excusing his unprofessional reaction, the general humbly requested Aang's assistance.

Sung captured

Sung being captured by the Dai Li.

The general remained atop the wall and started to panic once again when the drill began to bore through the wall. He commanded his soldiers to continually launch giant boulders down at the drill, despite the futility of this action and Aang's request that they stop. Nevertheless, the Avatar eventually succeeded in piercing through the drill's metal shell, and the machine exploded, sending thick slurry all over the place, reaching as high as the top of the wall, where it completely covered the general.[1]

Sometime later, Sung was present at the meetings of the Council of Five and was involved in planning the invasion of the Fire Nation.[4] The general and the other council members were eventually captured by the Dai Li on the orders of Princess Azula to complete her coup against Earth King Kuei.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • The book The Tale of Aang from The Earth Kingdom Chronicles series shows an additional moment with General Sung in the episode "The Earth King" during the scene in which Long Feng is arrested. The book shows General Sung vouching for Team Avatar's efforts, telling the Earth King that, without them, the city would have certainly fallen, which ultimately helps convince Kuei of Long Feng's treachery. This, however, contradicts the episode, as Sung does not appear in this scene.


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