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The Sun Warrior chief was the head of the Sun Warrior tribe for over twenty years. His main goals were to protect the tribe, maintain its secrecy, and preserve his people's traditions, a stance that garnered appreciation from his followers. The chief was aware of how valuable the dragons were to the world, and he wanted to keep them safe.[2] As the leader of the tribe, he had a deep spiritual reverence for fire, as it represents energy and life.


Prior to Avatar Aang's discovery at the South Pole, the chief welcomed Iroh to the Sun Warriors' ancient city and took him to see the original firebenders.

Sun Warrior chief offering part of the Eternal Flame

The Sun Warrior chief gave both Aang and Zuko part of the Eternal Flame.

Zuko and Aang later traveled to the city in the summer of 100 AG, and the chief answered Aang's call for help after Zuko had accidentally trapped them in a slimy substance by touching the tribe's sacred sunstone. With the help of two aardvark sloths, he freed them from their precarious situation, but wanted to punish them severely for taking their ancient relic. Zuko and Aang managed to persuade him not to condemn them and show them the original way of firebending instead. The chief told them that if they wished to learn the true way, they would need to pass the judgment of the masters, Ran and Shaw, and proceeded to lead the duo to the Eternal Flame. He presented them each with a part of the ancient flame before sending them on their way to the cave of the masters. The chief also warned both of them that the masters may be angry to see them because Zuko's ancestors hunted the dragons for glory and Aang neglected his duties as the Avatar by running away. Once Zuko and Aang arrived at the base of the master's cave, he conducted a ceremony to bring them out. When the masters presented themselves, he and the rest of the Sun Warriors bowed down in respect.

He took Sun Warrior philosophy very seriously; however, after Aang and Zuko were deemed worthy by the masters, he was less stern with them and even attempted to make a joke, saying that he would have to imprison them forever now that they had knowledge of the dragons and their tribe. This statement worried the duo until the chief revealed he was only joking, although he requested them to keep silent about the tribe's existence.[1]


Sun Warrior chief smiling

Though a serious man, the Sun Warrior chief did exhibit a lighter side.

The Sun Warrior chief was a solemn man who recognized the importance of sustaining his tribe and preserving its cultural heritage. As such, he often held an austere attitude toward tradition and did not trust strangers, as indicated by his initially harsh, critical tone toward Aang and Zuko. Although he was very serious, the chief also had a lighter side and expressed his sense of humor to those he could trust, which he demonstrated when he joked around with Aang and Zuko once it was confirmed they were not a threat.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book Three: Fire (火)[]


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