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This article is about the character in the series. For the character in Netflix's live-action series, see Suki.

Suki was the leader of one of the Kyoshi Warrior bands of the Earth Kingdom's Kyoshi Island.[4] Having begun her training when she was only eight years old,[3] she was well-respected by her fellow warriors for her leadership and combat skills. When Team Avatar arrived on Kyoshi Island, Suki and a few other Kyoshi Warriors captured them, thinking they were Fire Nation spies, but released them and befriended them after realizing Aang was the Avatar.[1] Inspired by the outsiders for helping save their village from Prince Zuko, she and the other Kyoshi Warriors left the island to help the Earth Kingdom fight against the Fire Nation. During their journey, she protected the Avatar's lost sky bison, Appa, from falling into the enemy's hands, but she and the other Kyoshi Warriors were defeated by Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee.[5]

Imprisoned in the Fire Nation, Suki was placed within the Boiling Rock, where she hatched a plan to build a sense of community among the prisoners before being betrayed by her ally, Biyu.[4] It was only by good fortune that Sokka and Zuko infiltrated the facility looking for Sokka's captured father, Hakoda, instead finding her.[6] Freed from captivity,[7] Suki later helped Aang and friends defeat the Fire Nation and eventually reunited with her fellow Kyoshi Warriors.[8] Following the end of the Hundred Year War, she continued to lead the Kyoshi Warriors as bodyguards for Fire Lord Zuko, assisting in defeating the New Ozai Society.[9][10] She later rejoined the rest of Team Avatar to put down the bender supremacist insurrection in Cranefish Town.[11][12]

Quick Answers

What is Suki's role in the Kyoshi Warriors? toggle section
Suki was leader of one the bands of Kyoshi Warriors that protected Kyoshi Island in the Earth KIngdom. Suki was highly respected by her peers for her leadership and combat skills.
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At what age did Suki begin her training as a Kyoshi Warrior? toggle section
Suki began her training as a Kyoshi Warrior at the tender age of eight. This early start in her martial arts journey allowed her to master tessenjutsu, the art of fan combat, and become a respected leader among her fellow warriors.
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How does the relationship between Suki and Sokka develop? toggle section
Suki and Sokka's relationship, often referred to as 'Sukka' by fans, began when they first met on Kyoshi Island. Initially, Sokka displayed a sexist attitude towards the Kyoshi Warriors, but Suki was able to show him the error of his ways. Their relationship took a romantic turn when Suki joined Team Avatar to ensure their safe passage through the Serpent's Pass. Suki attempted to apologize for trying to kiss Sokka, but he interrupted her by kissing her instead, marking the start of their romantic relationship. Their bond was further emphasized when Sokka rescued Suki and gave her a tender kiss on the cheek. Despite periods of separation due to Suki's capture and imprisonment by Princess Azula, their relationship remained strong and they worked together during the final battle to bring down an entire fleet of Fire Nation airships.
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What are some of Suki's notable leadership and combat skills? toggle section
Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, is known for her exceptional leadership and combat skills. She is a born leader, effectively leading her team of Kyoshi Warriors and ensuring their cohesion. Suki is also comfortable operating vehicles, having piloted a Fire Nation airship and a tundra tank without any prior experience. In terms of combat, she is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and has battled against formidable opponents like Ty Lee. Suki is also adept at fighting with traditional Kyoshi Warrior war fans and a katana. Additionally, she possesses considerable physical strength, able to swim easily in full Kyoshi Warrior armor and toss aside a full grown man with ease.
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What happens to Suki throughout the series? toggle section
Suki is introduced early in the series on her home, Kyoshi Island, quickly becoming a fan favourite and later returning for Books Two and Three. Despite not being a bender, she proves herself in battle with her sword, war fan, and acrobatic skills. After being rescued from a Fire Nation prison by Sokka and Zuko, she officially joins Team Avatar and later helps them to defeat the Fire Nation airship fleet intending to burn down the Earth Kingdom.
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Early life[]

Young Suki

Suki expressed her dream to grow up to become a Kyoshi Warrior from a young age.

Suki was born in a village on Kyoshi Island which maintained strict isolationism, mostly cutting itself off from the rest of the world,[nb 1] even though other villages on the island traded with the Earth Kingdom mainland.[1][13] She grew up with four friends, including Mingxia, with whom she was as close as sisters. As a child, she idolized the Kyoshi Warriors, and one day she and her friends left the village to observe the team training. Suki was excited to see the warriors and rushed ahead of the other girls, marveling at their techniques as they focused during meditation. As they headed back toward the village, Suki professed how she wanted to be just like the warriors when she was grown up, and Mingxia teased her for saying that every day. Mingxia then proceeded to take a pan of steamed buns from the village communal kitchen, but Oyaji approached the group, asking the girls about the missing buns. Suki denied that they had taken them, and since none of them answered, all five of the sisters were made to scrub the kitchen as punishment.[4]

One year, Oyaji had Suki and her sisters go and find dumpling weed plants where the ground was rocky and hard, and bring any they could find back to the village.[4] At least once, Suki and Mingxia went to the Kyoshi Shrine to compare their own shoes to the Avatar's massive boots.[15]

Young Suki training

Suki began training as Kyoshi Warrior when she was eight.

Suki began her Kyoshi Warrior training at the age of eight[16][17] and became a master in the art of fan combat, hand-to-hand combat, and acrobatics.[18] Suki and Mingxia were still in training during a year where her village's food reserves were dramatically low after the harvest failed. Even though they faced the prospect of starvation, Suki declared they would have to make ends meet. Mingxia proposed they could buy supplies from the other nations, but Suki believed that Avatar Kyoshi had removed them from the mainland for a reason, and that she would not want them to do so. Mingxia was sure that isolation would just mean that their people would suffer, and that they had to ask the village leaders to reach out for help. Instead, Suki was sure that they could sustain her village's population by gathering dumpling weed on the northern side of the island.[4]

Suki and Mingxia hug

Suki hugged Mingxia before the latter departed for the Earth Kingdom mainland.

Although Suki and her sisters gathered enough to sustain their village, Mingxia was sure that they had to end their isolationism. She asked Suki to support her when she went to ask Oyaji and the other leaders about changing their policies, but Suki said that she could not do so. Oyaji refused Mingxia's request, and she chose to leave the island. Suki grew tearful when Mingxia was ready to leave, but her sister told her that Kyoshi would not want them to stay apart from the world forever, and that she wanted to meet other people and have new experiences away from the island. They embraced just as Mingxia left on a ship departing the island.[4]

As she was the eldest Kyoshi Warrior of her village, Suki was in charge of training the younger warriors.[3] She eventually rose to lead her village's team.[1][3][13][4]

Meeting Team Avatar and leaving her home[]

Suki kisses Sokka

Sokka and Suki parted on good terms during Zuko's raid on Kyoshi Island.

In winter 99 AG, Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors captured Aang and his friends for intruding on Kyoshi Island, assuming they were Fire Nation spies. Suki interrogated the group, threatening to throw Sokka to the unagi after he made a sexist comment about being kidnapped by a "bunch of girls". Once they learned that Aang was the Avatar, however, she and the village quickly accepted them as guests. Initially offended by Sokka's chauvinistic attitude, she paid him back by repeatedly humiliating him in combat training. She later even instructed him to dress in full female warrior garb when he asked to train with her. After he humbly admitted his mistakes and apologized for his sexism, she eventually grew attracted to him over the course of their training sessions. The two bonded over sparring matches and, before parting, she kissed Sokka on the cheek, telling him that even though she was a warrior, she was also a girl. After Zuko attacked the village in pursuit of Aang, Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors charged Zuko and his men to provide an opening for Team Avatar to escape.[1]

After the attack, Suki and the other villagers helped to clear away the debris. Jie expressed how Kyoshi was right to remove them from the mainland if attacks such as Zuko's happened when the Fire Nation came to Kyoshi Island. Instead, Suki reconsidered her beliefs, noting that the world was at war and people were suffering, with Kyoshi Island refusing to help those in need. Jie retorted that they were simply following Kyoshi's mandate to separate from the rest of the world, but Suki said that they should not do so any more, as the Fire Nation was destroying homes and villages. Jie said she was starting to sound like Mingxia, but Suki responded that the Avatar himself had come to the island. Jie pointed out that his visit had led to the Fire Nation burning down their village, but Suki went on to say that she realized that Mingxia was right to reject her village's isolationism, as she did not believe they should remain apart from the world, and that people nearly died during the famine.[4]

Suki and Jie argue

Suki argued with Jie about her plan for the Kyoshi Warriors to help the Earth Kingdom mainland.

Suki was inspired by Aang coming back to help people, and stated that helping others should be the job of the Kyoshi Warriors, and not just the Avatar. Suki stated that they had spent their whole lives training to help others, but Jie stated that they were needed on the island to defend it. Declaring that they were also needed in the rest of the world, Suki stated her intention to leave the island, believing Kyoshi would be understanding. She did not order anyone to come and believed that some of the Kyoshi Warriors should stay behind to protect the island, but offered anyone who wanted to come to do so. Jie still refused to agree to this plan, but many other Warriors voiced their support.[4]

Before leaving, however, Suki tried to make sure that her home was safe. Accordingly, she took the lead in an investigation into the increase of criminal activity on Kyoshi Island after Zuko's attack. She enlisted the aid of some adventurers, and together, they questioned villagers including Koko and the foaming mouth guy. The allies discovered that some thugs had set up a protection racket at Crystal Falls. When Suki threatened to feed them to the unagi unless they revealed their contacts, the thugs explained that the Black Koi Pirates had begun covertly operating on the island, stealing goods and smuggling them from Koi Harbor.[15]

There, Suki and her allies captured some pirates, questioning them to reveal that their corsair group had set up a secret hideout in a cave at Koi Bay. The Kyoshi Warrior and her allies subsequently raided the pirate base. As they did so, however, the unagi attacked the criminals, whereupon Suki and her allies drove off the creature to save the pirates. In return, the pirates agreed to leave the islands.[15]

Impressed by the adventurers' martial abilities, Suki subsequently invited them to spar with her Kyoshi Warrior group in a series of duels as a form of training and challenge. Ultimately, the adventurers managed to defeat Suki in a match, and after congratulating them, she requested that they continued to help patrol the island as she suspected the Black Koi Pirates might try to return.[15]

Suki and her warriors leave Kyoshi Island

Suki and a few other Kyoshi Warriors left their home to make a difference in the war.

Having restored security on Kyoshi Island, Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors who supported her eventually left by ship.[4] Among their first destinations was Razor Reef in the southern Mo Ce Sea, seeking it out as they had heard that a legendary martial arts master named Tidao resided there, hoping to get some training and advice. However, the location was deserted save for an archaeologist, Wen, and some adventurers. Suki was saddened to learn that Tidao had disappeared, though used the opportunity for a friendly sparring session with Wen's companions who had studied Tidao's writings. She subsequently talked with Wen, with the two discovering that they shared a passion for the tales of Tidao's legendary battles.[19]

100 AG[]

Full Moon Bay and the Serpent's Pass[]

Mingxia reassures Suki

While working as a guard at Full Moon Bay, Suki was happy to reunite with Mingxia.

By spring 100 AG, Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors were assisting refugees on their way to Ba Sing Se. They eventually began acting as security guards at a hidden ferry terminal at Full Moon Bay. While working at the terminal, She was reunited with Mingxia, who had arrived as part of a group seeking passage and asked what she was doing. Suki explained that she provided security and safe passage for refugees to reach Ba Sing Se, while Mingxia expressed her disbelief at Suki having left the island. The Kyoshi Warrior leader explained that many of the other warriors were there with her, and that they decided to stop isolating themselves after the Avatar came to their village.[4]

Suki apologized for not supporting Mingxia before, but her friend said that it was all right, and introduced her to her friends Dandan, Fenfang, and Peng, as well as her girlfriend Meilin. The group explained that the war had made traveling difficult, and that they were planning to go to Ba Sing Se. Just as their ferry was about to leave, Suki grabbed Mingxia's arm and grew emotional, believing she would never see her again. Mingxia said she knew they would find each one more time, and embraced her while reaffirming their sisterhood.[4]

Suki reunites with Sokka

Suki made Sokka realize who she was with a kiss.

Later, while working at the terminal, she encountered Team Avatar once more. Suki approached Sokka, aggressively asking to see their tickets and passports. After a heated exchange, she kissed Sokka, which made him realize who she was. When Aang decided to escort a group of stranded travelers through the Serpent's Pass, Suki accompanied them to ensure that they made it through safely, which concerned Sokka. Suki rescued Toph at one point, saving her from drowning. Toph proceeded to kiss Suki on the cheek, thinking that it was Sokka who saved her; when Suki awkwardly revealed that it was her, the highly embarrassed earthbender only half-jokingly told her to let her drown. It was during the night that her feelings for Sokka were made more clear,[20] though he was reluctant to jump into a relationship with her due to his inability to stop Princess Yue giving her life to save the Moon Spirit during the Siege of the North.[20][21] At one point during the night, Suki went to kiss him, but Sokka was reluctant to do so under the moon, as it reminded him of Yue, and put Suki off without an explanation. Before her departure, she apologized to him, telling him she had acted rashly, but Sokka stopped her, and immediately made up for the previous night by kissing her back. The two began dating thereafter.[20]

Finding Appa[]

Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors

Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors defended Appa from Azula's team.

Later, she and a group of Kyoshi Warriors discovered an injured Appa, who was attempting to reunite with Aang after being kidnapped. After calming the jittery sky bison, she and the other warriors tended to Appa and cleaned him up. She prepared to return him to Aang; however, she was confronted by Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. The Kyoshi Warriors and Azula's team fought a short duel, during which the warriors were overpowered despite holding the advantage in numbers, and soon only Suki remained standing. She was forced to drive Appa away with a burning branch to keep him safe before clashing with Azula.[5] She was eventually defeated and captured by Azula and her allies.[4][22]

Incarceration at the Boiling Rock[]

Azula taunts Suki

Suki remained stoic as Azula taunted her.

Suki was brought back to a Fire Nation encampment, where Azula discovered Suki's status as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, as well as her relationship with Sokka. It was decided that Suki would be separated from the rest of the Warriors and sent to the Fire Nation's highest security prison, the Boiling Rock. Shortly before her departure, she was taunted by the Fire Nation princess, who entertained the notion of having Sokka come save her so that she could capture him as well. Azula reminded Suki that she wanted her to know just how hard Fire Nation prison would be, and reminded her that she had been reduced from the leader of a respected group of warriors to a mere prisoner. Suki stood her ground without giving Azula any response, leading the princess to claim that she was doing everything for her "favorite prisoner" and that she would destroy the Avatar and his friends while Suki stayed in prison.[4] Meanwhile, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee disguised themselves with the Kyoshi Warriors' uniforms to infiltrate the Earth King's palace after their defeat.[23]

On their way to the prison, Suki overheard the other prisoners talking about the terrifying stories about the Boiling Rock, and how no one could really know hardship until staying at the prison. After being taunted by a guard at the gondola, Suki was roughly transferred into her holding cell. There, she sarcastically mused on how she had gotten "so lucky" to be treated with such fine Fire Nation hospitality. To focus her thoughts, she then began to train, only to accidentally and painfully hit the metal wall of her small cell. She wondered if the panel had come loose thanks to her force, but it had not. However, as she sat down in her cell, she was surprised to find a sprig of dumpling weed growing through the floor under her bed.[4]

Suki went for her meal time, only to be served a bowl of slop. She overheard an Earth Kingdom thief named Biyu complaining about the horrible quality of the food, only for a guard to tell her not to eat the food if she did not like it. Suki introduced herself to her fellow prisoner, only to be told that she would only talk if Suki had food. Suki asked that they introduce each other first, and then gave Biyu a few of the dumpling weed plants. She brought the prisoner to a spot in the courtyard where she had seen the plant growing, and after grabbing a few pods from the plant, the other prisoner brought her to a blind spot where the guards could not see. Even though Biyu wanted to have a meal, Suki encouraged her to agree to planting some seeds so that they could grow a stash of food and share it with the other prisoners so that they could work together and find a chance to push back against the Fire Nation.[4]

Suki and Biyu tend to their garden

Suki and Biyu tend to dumpling weed at their secret garden.

Two weeks later, Suki and Biyu had been joined by other prisoners, including Han and Qing, and had built a hidden passage in the laundry room to the small garden where they had been cultivating the dumpling weed plants. As they admired the progress they had made, they were alerted to the warden, who was making a surprise inspection. Suki and Biyu hid in the laundry as one of their allies was confronted by the warden, who remarked on the prisoners' lowly place in society. After the warden left, Suki expressed her disdain for him, and shared a few of the vegetables with the other prisoners. They expressed their hope that after regaining their strength, they could plan to escape from the prison one day. In the courtyard, Biyu expressed her surprise for how their allies risked themselves to save them, and how she usually looked out for herself. Suki explained how community was more important than individual advantage, and that if they stuck together, they all stood a chance of getting out of the prison.[4]

At meal times, Suki ordered Qing to put the plants in his food, but he was still stopped by one of the guards, searching for contraband. As the guard approached his food, Suki and Biyu saw the other prisoners stand up to defend him, crowding around the guards. The guards ordered the prisoners to stand down, but the prisoners stood their ground and threw the food in the guards' faces, much to their revulsion. The guards started bending at the prisoners, but Suki fought back using her martial arts skills. Backup quickly arrived and fired a warning shot of firebending at the group, ordering them to stand down. Suki and the others reluctantly did so, and were handcuffed before being taken back to their cells, placing all of them in solitary confinement.[4]

After some time, Suki was taken from solitary and brought before the warden, who remarked on her leadership position and her placement in the prison at the request of a princess. The warden placed the plants before Suki, theorizing that the legumes were the reason for the prisoners' recent wilfulness. Suki stood her ground and denied any knowledge of the plants, but the warden told her to stop lying, as they had found her garden. The warden rhetorically asked if she truly thought that cultivating vegetables would lead to a rebellion, but Suki answered that it was a chance to build a community, and to give them a chance to escape one day. However, the warden then informed Suki that she had been betrayed. Suki refused to acknowledge the betrayal, but the warden went on to tell her that someone in the community had given her up, and that Suki had made the common mistake of thinking she could find friends in the Boiling Rock, when in fact she was completely alone. As she was taken back to solitary, she saw Biyu happily talking to the guards, confirming her suspicions.[4]

Biyu taunts Suki

Suki confronted Biyu after the latter's betrayal.

As she entered her cramped solitary cell, Suki assured herself that she was not alone. She was released after two weeks and talked to her allies, who informed her that Biyu had been removed from the general population and had been given a special cell and certain privileges. Suki grew angry and rhetorically asked what Biyu had said to gain such privileges, to which nobody replied. Spotting Biyu heading back to the cell, she scaled the walls of the prison and rushed inside, knocking Biyu to the floor and declaring her a traitor. Biyu did not deny doing so, noting that she had to look out for herself. Suki asked about the others and the plan to build up their strength to escape; Biyu responded that the plan was not hers, and although she thought that the plan was smart, she realized she did not need to be in such danger after the fight in the cafeteria. Suki angrily stated that Biyu had betrayed her fellow prisoners to the Fire Nation after they tried to stand up to them, and asked Biyu if she had any loyalty. Biyu said that, unlike Suki, she did not care about community, and only needed to get through her sentence in as much comfort as possible, saying that she would choose the warden over Suki as he owned the prison. Biyu chided Suki for believing that they were friends; in her anger, Suki lurched toward Biyu and threatened to throw her over the railing. As Biyu began to panic and apologize, Suki threw her back onto the floor and walked away, while Biyu taunted her for being a coward if she just wanted to scare her.[4]

Suki and Kyoshi

In her lowest moment, Suki was reassured by a vision of Avatar Kyoshi.

Suki returned to her cell and began to practice her focus and meditation in the style of the Kyoshi Warriors. She began to picture all her accomplishments with her Kyoshi Warrior sisters, but found herself back in her cell, with nobody left to support her. As she began to cry, she saw Kyoshi before her, who told her that her friends loved her and had not abandoned her. Suki asked how the Avatar could know, and in disbelief, reached out, only to find Kyoshi vanishing. She sat back in her cell and reflected on her experience.[4]

Escape from the Boiling Rock[]

Main article: Escape from the Boiling Rock
Suki captures the Boiling Rock warden

Suki easily captured the warden during the escape from the Boiling Rock.

Suki was found by Sokka, who had initially sneaked in along with Zuko in the hopes of finding his father.[6] Although she initially knocked him down, thinking he was a Fire Nation guard due to his outfit, she happily reunited with him after he revealed his true identity and declared that she, contrary to Azula's claims, had never given up on hopes of rescue. After an awkward official introduction with Zuko, during which he apologized for burning down her village, Suki readily joined the breakout plans. When Sokka decided to remain behind in hopes of finding his father, she chose to stay behind with him, risking imprisonment again. When the group started a riot to cover their escape, Suki quickly captured the prison warden. When Azula and Ty Lee attacked the group on the prison gondolas, Suki joined Sokka and Zuko on the roof of their gondola in an attempt to defend it. Calling it "a rematch [she had] been waiting for", she clashed with Ty Lee in an even duel. When the cable carrying their gondola was about to be cut through, Azula and Ty Lee retreated, though due to Mai's intervention, Suki and the others managed to safely reach the station at the end of the cable and escape on Azula's airship to the Western Air Temple.[7]

Traveling with Team Avatar[]

Suki chose to remain with the core group in the Fire Nation when Azula's attack split them up. When Zuko went to Sokka's tent to ask him about his mother, he collided with Suki, who suspiciously denied her true intention of seeing Sokka and rushed back to her tent. When Zuko entered the tent, it was apparent that Sokka was waiting to have a romantic evening with Suki, but was surprised and embarrassed to see Zuko instead. After Zuko left the tent, Sokka called out to Suki and, seeing Zuko was still there, whistled guiltily to make him go away.[24]

Suki is annoyed at Sokka's reaction

Suki was annoyed after Sokka shushed her during the "The Boy in the Iceberg" play.

Suki later donned a Fire Nation disguise and accompanied Team Avatar to the play, "The Boy in the Iceberg". In the play, her character was portrayed most accurately, though some physical details, like her headpiece and her physique, were slightly exaggerated. During the play, she exchanged looks with Sokka during the scene where they practiced using Kyoshi Warrior outfits and acted jealous when Sokka shushed her during the scene where Yue became the Moon Spirit. She cringed when the actor playing Toph screamed as a way to "see", and when Sokka desired to sneak backstage to help out the actor playing him, Suki assisted him, saying that her years of training in the art of stealth should help. Sokka showed his jokes to actor Sokka, which caused Suki to hit herself on the head in exasperation at his slapstick humor. Contrary to her original thoughts, however, actor Sokka found the jokes funny, and used them in the next scenes. Suki called the play horrible and never referred to it again in the series.[25]

Sozin's Comet[]

Toph and Suki

Suki and Toph were genuinely concerned for Aang during the battle at Wulong Forest against Phoenix King Ozai.

Three days prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Suki and the rest of Team Avatar held a beach party on Ember Island. Sokka created a crude sand sculpture of Suki that bore no resemblance to her, but she said that she thought it was sweet of him, resulting in him kissing her. When Zuko informed the group of the Fire Lord's plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom, Aang ran off, and Suki aided in the search for him.[26] When they were unable to find Aang, Zuko took them to the Earth Kingdom, where they "hired" June to track him with her giant shirshu, Nyla. When she was unable to find the Avatar, Zuko decided to track Iroh instead, leading the group to Ba Sing Se, where they were approached by the Order of the White Lotus. It was decided that Suki, Sokka, and Toph would destroy the airship fleet. Sokka drove one airship into the others, bringing them down. In the process, Suki was separated from her friends as the airship fell apart underneath them. She insisted that Sokka carry onward with the mission.[27]

Suki steers the airship

Suki steered a captured airship into the vessel Sokka and Toph were on, saving them from certain death.

Suki went on to manipulate the rudder of the airship she had fallen onto, thereby taking control of the entire vessel. Noticing Toph and Sokka hanging helplessly from another airship, she saved the two by steering her captured aircraft into the other vessel. After Aang had removed Ozai's firebending, the reunited group landed the captured airship and began to taunt the fallen tyrant. Suki also made a lame attempt to do so, earning Toph's criticism of her, "Leave the nicknames to us, honey."[8]

After Zuko was crowned Fire Lord and officially ended the War, Suki finally reunited with her team of warriors, who were released from prison along with Mai and Ty Lee. After discovering how well her team bonded with Ty Lee while in prison, Suki allowed her to join them. Later, the entire gang were relaxing at Iroh's tea shop in Ba Sing Se, where Suki played Pai Sho with Mai. She later teased Sokka for his crude drawing of the group, which depicted Suki firebending.[8] With the Great War's conclusion, Suki continued to believe in an expanded role of the Kyoshi Warriors. Accordingly, she and her team continued to travel the world and helped those in need.[18]

101 AG[]

A year after the end of the Hundred Year War, Mai asked Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors to protect the Fire Nation Royal Palace after a failed attempt to murder Fire Lord Zuko by Kori. The first night they were standing guard, Zuko woke up in the middle of the night and went outside. Suki told him it had been quiet all night, to which Zuko apologized saying that he did trust the Kyoshi Warriors as they were the best guardsmen in the world. Suki suggested that he to go back to sleep, however, when Zuko said he was going to get a drink of water, she asked him if needed someone to escort, which the Fire Lord rejected in order to visit his father in prison.[9]

Suki worried about Zuko

Noticing his unease, Suki expressed her concern for Zuko.

Out of concern, Suki later secretly followed Zuko on one of his late night trips to see what he was up to and to know whether or not the Kyoshi Warriors could be of some assistance. However, after she found out he left to talk to Ozai, Suki told Mai about Zuko's nightly journeys, asking her to speak with him in hopes of helping him. However, when Mai broke up with him during this talk, Suki felt guilty and confessed that she had been following Zuko. She apologized to Zuko and, while kneeling before the Fire Lord, told him that the Kyoshi Warriors were worried about him and that she, especially, was worried about him as well and reached out for his hand before being interrupted by General Mak.[28]

Toph and Suki fighting at Yu Dao

Suki and Toph fought Fire Nation troops during the battle for Yu Dao.

On the day of the battle for Yu Dao, Suki traveled to the Beifong Metalbending Academy in a Fire Nation war balloon to get Toph and Sokka's help, explaining that she discovered their location when Kunyo complained to the Fire Lord about a "dirt girl" and a "snow savage" taking over his school. Suki convinced Toph and Sokka to come with her to try and stop the Fire Nation Army from reaching Yu Dao, explaining her plan to them after landing near the military procession. On Sokka's orders, Toph earthbent an underground slide that took them directly under one of the tundra tanks, and the trio quickly seized control of the tank. Suki expressed her feelings of concern for Zuko's well-being, stating that he seemed lonely. However, despite her desire to speak to him, she received no chance, eventually joining the fight against the Fire Nation with Toph at her side. Just as the duo were starting to become overwhelmed, Toph's metalbending students suddenly arrived to come to their aid.[29]

102 AG[]

Suki glad about upbeat Zuko

Suki explained to Zuko that she was glad about his return to a more upbeat persona.

Suki traveled back to the Fire Nation with Zuko, and stood guard at Azula and Ozai's prison cell together with Ty Lee. She showed great concern for Zuko when he entered the cell, and was quick to help the Fire Lord when his sister attacked him. She was reluctant to leave him alone with her afterward, wanting to escort them both back to the palace, but was dismissed.[10]

The next day, she met up with Sokka, who had also traveled to the palace with Aang and Katara upon Zuko's inquiry. She was just in time to prevent her boyfriend and the Avatar from launching an attack on an unbound Azula, telling them to be patient and to allow Zuko to explain. While the Fire Lord did so, Suki passionately reunited with her boyfriend.[10]

The following day, she watched as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and Azula departed atop Appa toward Hira'a, remaining behind with Iroh. When the interim Fire Lord commented that he did not really feel at home, Suki asked if there was something she could do to make it better for him, though all Iroh needed was more tea.[10]

Visiting San's House of Seashells[]

Suki defeats Jojan

After warning him to let go, Suki easily defeated the uncompromising Jojan.

Suki traveled with Sokka after his return from Hira'a to a Fire Nation marketplace, where the two visited Seashell San's House of Shells. She did not realize her boyfriend was into seashells and, upon being told he had a collection he began as a young boy, she asked why she had not seen this. Sokka quickly corrected himself, saying he wanted to be a collector since that point. As she looked around the store, Suki grew skeptical at San's claim that the shells were rare, though giggled at Sokka when he was briefly duped into believing the shells, valued at fifteen ban for one, were on special at two for thirty, calling him a goof in the process. When a girl, Giya, entered the store, San and Jojan believed her to be a fake collector and the former discouraged her from buying shells, prompting Suki to ask if there was a problem. When sternly told by San to mind her own business, she angrily replied that he should treat his customers with respect. The Kyoshi Warrior was grabbed by Jojan in an attempt to remove her from the store, but she began to squirm away, warning the associate to let go. After he did not do so, she flipped him onto the ground. When San tried to attack with firebending, she first sweetly told Sokka she did not need help and kissed him on the cheek as a thanks for offering, before grabbing San and blocking his chi. The couple left the store, though not before Suki told Jojan to keep his hands off someone who told him to do as such.[30]

Suki trains the Fire Nation villagers

Suki taught Giya and her friends the ways of the Kyoshi Warriors.

After they left, Suki and Sokka caught up with Giya, introducing herself and Sokka and wanting to make sure she was okay. She was asked how she learned to fight like that, though she playfully chastised Sokka for bragging that she was a Kyoshi Warrior. A confused Giya said she thought they all wore face paint, but Suki replied that they only did so on duty. The young woman sadly spoke of her desire to be as strong as the warriors because a lot of "jerks" hung out in the marketplace. The warrior offered to teach her self-defense, but when an unconfident Giya began to take off, Suki began telling her the story of the Kyoshi Warriors' founding; during Avatar Kyoshi's time, there was a marketplace on Kyoshi Island where undesirable individuals hung out as well. She explained that Kyoshi would deal with these people and offer the women how to defend themselves. Within a few years, these ordinary women banded together as the Avatar's disciples and became the first Kyoshi Warriors. Her story complete, the warrior told Giya that the strength she needed was a learned ability. After the girl accepted her offer and brought along some of her friends, Suki, dressed in her Kyoshi Warrior uniform, began teaching them the ways of her group.[30]

Visiting the Beifong Metalbending Academy[]

Suki, Sokka, and Toph Beifong at a concert

Suki got first rows for her, Sokka, and Toph for a Trustfully in Love concert.

Sokka and Suki visited Toph's larger and more expansive Beifong Metalbending Academy in the months after General Old Iron's assault on the Earthen Fire Refinery. Suki was impressed at the changes Toph had made to her academy, though expressed concern when seeing how dispassionate Toph was about teaching. Toph explained to the couple that she was bored from the monotonous routine of teaching every day, and Suki told her that they would shake up her routine. Toph was excited to go on an adventure, but to her disappointment, Suki told her that they were going to a concert in the town. Although Toph was skeptical about the band, Sokka explained that Team Avatar had met Chong, Lily, and Moku before Toph joined them. Suki explained that they got front row seats, starstruck to see Trustfully in Love perform. She was certain that the experience would shake off Toph's everyday problems. Suki began to cheer as the band started to perform and was still dancing to their songs three hours later, but at that point, Toph expressed that she had had enough, and left the concert hall.[31]

Some days later, Sokka and Suki were glad to find Toph, as they had not been able to find her. She explained that Sun and his friends would be joining her academy. That afternoon, Chong, Lily, and Moku left the city, and Suki asked where they were touring next. Chong explained that Trustfully in Love was no more, but that they would still go on playing, only for love instead of money. She waved off the nomads in the new luxury wagon they had purchased with their earnings in Yu Dao, telling Sokka to be nice to them after he told the group that he hoped they never met again.[31]

Conspiracy against Fire Lord Zuko[]

When Ty Lee learned from Mai and Kei Lo that the reactionary New Ozai Society planned an attack on Fire Lord Zuko upon his return with his family from Hira'a, Suki sent a messenger hawk to Zuko's ship. The bird returned with the Fire Lord's plan to avoid the ambush, resulting in Suki hastily preparing everything for Zuko's arrival. After a few hours, she boarded a submarine along with Iroh to meet the Fire Lord's ship at sea. After a thankful greeting by Zuko, Suki told him that the plan was ready to be carried out. She, along with Zuko, Ursa, Noren, and Kiyi then used to submarine to get to a hidden beach, from where the small party set out for the Royal Palace using a coach and komodo rhinos.[11]

Kyoshi Warriors vs New Ozai Society

Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors defended Zuko and his family from the New Ozai Society.

Although the initial journey went well, a tree suddenly fell in the group's way. At first, Suki assumed that the tree had collapsed out of old age, only to be warned by Zuko that they had fallen into a trap by the New Ozai Society. Suki called for her fellow Kyoshi Warriors to remain steadfast, and used a distress flare to call for reinforcements when Zuko refused the rebels' demands. As combat began, Suki defeated several New Ozai Society militants until being incapacitated by a snare gun. Just as the situation appeared hopeless, Kei Lo openly defected from the insurgents, while reinforcements in form of Mai, Iroh, Ty Lee, and further Kyoshi Warriors arrived via a hot air balloon. Suki was freed by her friends, and rejoined the battle until Zuko used his impressive bending skills to terrify most of the remaining New Ozai Society militants into surrender. She and her fellow warriors then restrained the captured rebels.[11]

The party then continued their journey to the Royal Palace, where Zuko formally thanked the Kyoshi Warriors for their service, whereupon Suki replied that it had been an honor. She then answered the Fire Lord's question about Mai's whereabouts, and told him that she would let him know where his former girlfriend's new home was located if he wanted to visit.[11]

Suki and Ty Lee guard the Fire Nation Royal Palace

Suki told Ty Lee that they should give Zuko and Aang more time before trying to counter the dark spirits by themselves.

In the next days, a series of kidnappings took place in the Capital City, allegedly by dark spirits. The Kyoshi Warriors continued to patrol the palace, but one evening Ty Lee argued to Suki that they should help counter the kidnappings instead of guarding the palace. Suki cautioned that Zuko and Aang were looking into the issue, and that the Kyoshi Warriors should wait for their findings before acting. Later that night, after the Fire Lord had returned, Suki visited Zuko on one of the palace's balconies. She informed him that her comrades had finished their rounds and offered the thoughtful ruler some company. The two discussed the kidnapping of Mai's little brother Tom-Tom, with Zuko revealing his worries about the boy's fate.[32]

As they talked, however, the two noticed smoke coming from Kiyi's room. Suki and Zuko rushed over there, with Ty Lee and Aang right behind them. They were too late, however, as the alleged Kemurikage had already taken Kiyi and moved to the nearby roofs. The group attacked, and Suki grappled the kidnapper who held Kiyi. Before she could rescue Kiyi, however, another Kemurikage took the child, and most spirits escaped under the cover of a smoke screen. Although Aang cleared the way with airbending and Zuko managed to hit the last of the kidnappers with firebending, causing them to fall of a roof onto a nearby courtyard, Suki and the others failed to apprehend them and save Kiyi when they were forced back by a lightning attack.[32][33]

Mai reveals Ukano is the head of the New Ozai Society

After learning that Ukano was a rebel leader, Suki speculated that the New Ozai Society and Safe Nation Society were one and the same.

On the following day, Suki took part in a meeting at the throne room where she revealed to Mai that Kiyi's kidnapper had used ligthning. Mai consequently revealed that her father Ukano had led the New Ozai Society. Based on this information, Suki speculated that the Safe Nation Society might be a mere rebranding of the New Ozai Society. Zuko and Aang then began to argue about the right course of action, culminating in the Fire Lord ordering the Avatar out of his sight. Suki and Ty Lee escorted Aang out of the throne room. Thinking about Sokka would do in this situation, the Kyoshi Warrior leader then proposed to investigate the palace for clues about Azula's team. After some fruitless searching in Kiyi's room, Ty Lee remembered that the palace had secret passageways, showing one of them to Suki and Aang. the three promptly traveled to the Capital City Prison where they tried to inform Zuko of their findings. When the Fire Lord refused to listen, Aang basically abducted him, causing Suki and her friends to storm after the pair.[33]

After the Avatar showcased the secret passageway to Zuko, the Fire Lord decided to follow it. He asked Suki and Ty Lee to guard the palace while he was gone which they readily agreed to do. After Zuko's group had freed the kidnapped children, Suki stood guard as the Fire Lord was holding a speech in the capital, announcing that he was sorry for his mistakes in handling the Kemurikage crisis and vowing to do better in the future.[33]

Trouble in Cranefish Town[]

Sokka and Suki are reunited in Cranefish Town

Suki was reunited with Sokka in Cranefish Town.

As Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph traveled to meet Suki in Yu Dao, they became involved in Cranefish Town's conflict between benders and nonbenders. Sokka accepted that Team Avatar would not be leaving the town for a while and sent a messenger hawk to invite Suki to join them.[12] Suki borrowed an eel hound to travel to Cranefish Town, where she met Team Avatar outside the Earthen Fire Refinery and lovingly embraced Sokka.[34]

Toph later came to Suki and the rest of Team Avatar with information about Liling's meeting of bender supremacists. Team Avatar agreed to go undercover to infiltrate the meeting, while Toph went as Yaling's guest. Suki was present for Liling's speech, where Toph revealed to the supremacists that she stood by her nonbender friends. In the ensuing battle, Suki successfully chi-blocked Yaling, before helping Aang to subdue and imprison Liling.[34]

Later, Suki was present at the Earthen Fire Refinery when Team Avatar discussed what to do with Liling. She was shocked to hear Toph suggest that Aang take her bending away,[34] asking him if the bending community would be okay with taking someone's bending, as he had only done it once before.[35]

When Yaling and several bending supremacists interrupted the discussion, Suki was labeled by the earthbender as the primary target due to her chi-blocking skills. While Suki tried to take down one of her assailants, Yaling managed to encase her in a pillar of rocks, and Liling was freed from her cage.[35]

Suki trains new chi-blockers

Suki trained new chi-blockers outside the Earthen Fire Refinery.

Katara and Suki later discussed the possibility of the latter teaching the factory's nonbender guards to chi-block. Upon presenting the idea to Aang and Sokka, Suki was immediately complemented by Sokka on her talent and intelligence. With a new attack of Liling imminent, Suki was confident that she could at least teach the already well-trained guards the basics and immediately set to work, even impressing the Avatar upon witnessing an entire army of nonbenders. In the process of the training, Suki struck up a good working relationship with the guards' captain.[35]

When Sokka found Ru hiding behind a wall, he and Suki coaxed her to reveal that Liling was planning to attack the factory. As they thanked her for the information, which allowed them to prepare properly, Suki was asked by Ru to teach her how to chi-block. During the final confrontation between Team Avatar and the bending supremacists, Suki and her disciples confronted Lilling's followers and successfully blocked their chi.[35]

Later that afternoon, Suki was thanked by Lao Beifong for detaining most of the bender supremacists and told that he did not want to see her go. Since Aang had already asked Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors to stay in town to help the nonbender police force, Suki promised that they would stay in as long as they were needed, believing that the city had the beginnings of an excellent police force. Although Satoru questioned whether or not nonbenders and benders could really work together, Suki and Aang were confident that with time, they definitely could.[35]

Suki consoling Ru

When Ru expressed doubts about her actions, Suki stated that she had done the right thing at the right moment.

Suki subsequently noticed Ru, who was sitting by herself on a bench, watching her mother and sister imprisoned in a cage. The Kyoshi Warrior approached and asked how she was feeling. Hearing Ru's belief that she should be locked up along with her mother and sister, Suki rebuffed the statement as she had stood up against them when it counted the most. Ru countered that she could have acted sooner. Suki agreed, but argued that the entire affair was now over and that it was time to decide what to do next. As Ru uneasily thought about this, Suki stood by her, smiling and ready to hear her response.[35]

Later life[]

As of 124 AG, Suki was still serving as the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. Aang wrote about her in a book that he passed down to his son Tenzin, telling him that she had skills that Tenzin's uncle Sokka could have only dreamed of, and that they made an amazing team together.[17]


Suki and two Kyoshi Warriors

Self-confident and tough, Suki mocked Sokka for his chauvinist attitude.

Befitting her position as leader of her village's Kyoshi Warriors, Suki was tough, assertive, and not afraid to speak her mind. A woman of action, she quickly captured the prison warden while Sokka and Zuko debated how to do so, prompting approval from Hakoda. She had a dry sense of humor, as evidenced when she sarcastically mocked Sokka when he boasted of his at the time subpar fighting prowess,[1] failed to coin a humorous nickname at Ozai's expense,[8] and occasionally cringed at Sokka's slapstick humor.[25] She occasionally showed jealousy, such as her annoyed expression when Sokka shushed her while watching the Ember Island Players.

At the same time, Suki had a compassionate and loyal spirit. Although she once believed that her island should remain separate from the world, she was inspired to help the rest of the world after Aang's visit to the island, as she grew aware of suffering elsewhere in the world.[4] Her softer side was often seen in her interactions with Sokka. She was able to convince Appa to trust her despite his grievous injuries, and she helped nurse him back to health.[5] Suki was not one to easily give up hope, having faith that Sokka would come and save her during her period of imprisonment at the Boiling Rock, and also showed no signs of breaking in the face of Azula's torments pertaining to Sokka.[22] Ultimately, Suki believed in the importance of community over any advantages for the individual, as she believed that a community had a greater chance of overcoming hardship and saving everyone. She was adaptive, and willing to admit her own mistakes, as she believed that she had been wrong to not help Mingxia petition for the island to open its borders.[4]

Suki had a strong sense of duty and was fully committed to the tasks she was entrusted with, including protecting Appa and guarding the Fire Lord following the Hundred Year War.[28] She was also fiercely protective of those she cared about, taking great pains to ensure the safety of Team Avatar and Than's family as they crossed the Serpent's Pass.[20] She was extremely resilient and loyal, and remained calm and collected in the threat of danger no matter how high the stakes were.[4] As a brave warrior, quick thinker, and an empathetic friend, she was always looking out for threats, and was the first to interpose herself between danger and the vulnerable, and the first to reach out to someone who was hurting. Teamwork was also core to Suki's identity, and she knew that she belonged to something bigger than herself. She was always looking for ways to support her compatriots and lead the group she was in to become the best version of itself.[36]


Hand-to-hand combat[]

Suki and Ty Lee battle

Suki battled against Ty Lee on the Boiling Rock gondola.

Despite not being a bender, Suki was more than capable of handling herself in a fight. She was an impressive hand-to-hand combatant, holding her own against other skilled fighters such as Ty Lee and readily avoiding her disabling pressure point strikes. During the breakout of the Boiling Rock, she bypassed a full-scale riot by jumping across the tops of the rioters' heads and scaling the vertical face of a building, demonstrating an acrobatic skill rivalling that of Ty Lee.[18][7][15]

Following the Hundred Year War, Suki learned chi-blocking from Ty Lee and later demonstrated the skill for the first time on San.[30]

Suki was also an effective teacher in martial arts,[36] passing some of her fighting methods on to Sokka in just a short period of time.[1] She also helped train Giya in self-defense,[30] as well as teaching chi-blocking to the nonbenders of the Cranefish Town police force.[35]

Weapon profiency[]

Suki was adept at fighting with the traditional Kyoshi Warrior war fans and was also skilled with the katana. She was the last Kyoshi Warrior to be captured by Azula, showing the extent of her skill.[5][18]

Other skills[]

Suki swims

Suki swam toward a drowning Toph in order to save her.

Suki possessed considerable physical strength, able to swim easily in full Kyoshi Warrior armor[20] and toss aside a full grown man with ease.[30] She also seemed to have an affinity for operating vehicles, piloting a Fire Nation airship[8] and a tundra tank without any prior experience.[29]

Suki was a born leader and was very effective as the head of her team of Kyoshi Warriors. As a leader and teacher within the group, she helped to train her team and ensure their cohesion. However, she was also comfortable supporting others instead of taking the limelight, and could work in a team and help those around her to reach their potential. She was an incredible teacher and adapted her teaching style to match the needs of her students.[36]


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Suki was to appear in the movie The Last Airbender, but her part was cut out.

  • Jessica Jade Andres was given the role of Suki in M. Night Shyamalan's film adaptation, The Last Airbender. She and the Kyoshi Warriors were cut from the movie because Shyamalan believed that he was inadvertently letting the movie revolve around the warriors. In order to correct this, they were removed entirely. However, they are present in the movie novelization, manga, and video game, all of which were released before the warriors were officially cut from the film.
  • It was revealed that Sokka never told Suki the whole story about Yue.[25] However, he did mention Yue to her, using the incident that happened to justify his overprotective nature.[20]
  • By the end of the series, Suki remained the only human member of Team Avatar not to have gone on a "field trip" with Zuko.
  • Suki was originally supposed to be one of the characters who would never appear again after "The Warriors of Kyoshi", but due to her popularity among both the staff and fans, she returned for Books Two and Three, and officially became a member of Team Avatar.[37]
  • The creators joked at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con that Suki once dated the foaming mouth guy, but this is not considered canon.[38]
  • F. C. Yee had intended to include a scene in The Shadow of Kyoshi that linked Kyoshi's dust-stepping technique to Suki's head-running technique from "The Boiling Rock, Part 2", showing that the skill is an evolution of dust-stepping. However, the scene ended up getting cut.[39]
  • Suki was one of the few people ever to escape from the Boiling Rock.
  • Suki's name in the Russian version of Avatar: The Last Airbender is pronounced as "su'juki" in the first two seasons and as "zuki" in the third season. This was done to avoid the original pronunciation, "suki", because it sounds the same as the Russian word "суки", which translates to a swear word. However, the original pronunciation of her name was kept in the Polish translation, despite it having the same meaning as in Russian.
  • Suki is the only member from the original Team Avatar not to have made an appearance nor been mentioned by name in The Legend of Korra outside of the first episode's opening sequence, which depicts the team in its entirety.
  • Suki's eye color changes throughout the series and comics, alternating between brown, green, and blue at different points.


  1. The comic Suki, Alone claims that Kyoshi Island had closed its borders and that this isolationism applied to all of Kyoshi Island,[4] but this is contradicted by other canon information such as the episode "The Warriors of Kyoshi",[1] the older Avatar: The Last Airbender official website,[13] and Avatar Extras.[14] Thus, the isolationism as portrayed in the comic can only apply to some villages on the island, not all of them.


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