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The sugar glider is a non-hybridized creature native to the forests in the Earth Kingdom. It is a small creature, capable of gliding certain distances due to the membranes between its front and hind legs.[1]


A sugar glider was eating a berry when it was suddenly caught by an unexpected airbending blast from Ikki. Spooked, the little creature dropped its berry, scurried up a nearby tree, and glided off. Ikki gave chase, however, intending to return the berry to the creature, though as her gaze followed the animal glide away, she hit a tree branch and crash landed in a clearing. The sugar glider approached her, however, and licked the now squished berry off her face, starting a friendship with the young girl. When two soldiers of the military of the Earth Empire suddenly appeared, the creature sought refuge in Ikki's airbender wingsuit and was subsequently taken to the soldiers' outpost as well. After Ikki was saved by Jinora and Meelo, the sugar glider flew after her and perched itself on her head. From then on, it accompanied Ikki on her travels through the Earth Kingdom[1] and returned with her to Air Temple Island.[2]


The sugar glider is a small creature with a gray fur that is lighting on its belly, while being darker around its ears and black eyes. A dark gray stripe runs down the length of its spine being a bit darker on its back than on its belly. It also has a dark gray stripe, starting from its forehead, running down the length of its spine, as well as a similar stripe marking the front and sides of its wings and legs. The tail of the animal is bushy and the membranes between its front and hind legs enable it to soar through the air.[1]


The sugar glider is a shy animal, opting for flight as opposed to fight when it is startled, even when it was eating. However, they can be quite trusting and docile when approached calmly, as evidenced when a sugar glider landed on Ikki's shoulder and stayed with her after giving it its food back. Its diet consists of, among other things, berries.[1]


The sugar glider shares its appearances with its namesake.[1]


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