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Sud was Avatar Roku's earthbending teacher who taught him the bending art when he was in the process of mastering the four elements.


Sud was a citizen of the Earth Kingdom when Roku was a young man. He was a skilled and powerful earthbending master given the honor of teaching the Avatar earthbending, the last element Roku needed to master in order to become a fully realized Avatar. Roku described him as being "uncompromising, stubborn, and blunt", which are all qualities that define earthbenders.

Roku's earthbending training

Sud raced against Roku after teaching the Avatar earthbending.

Once his training was completed, Roku beat his teacher in a race up a mountain by surfing on rocks. Sud seemingly pulled ahead at first; however, when he reached the top of the hill, he was shocked to see Roku already sitting there, brewing a pot of tea and offering him a cup. Sud laughed and they sat down to enjoy the hot beverage. Having mastered all four elements, Roku journeyed back to the Fire Nation in order to master the Avatar State. Roku and Sud remained good friends afterward.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • When translated from French or Italian, "Sud" means "south"; to be "south" is to be resistant to change or to be stubborn with new ideology, which are two of the main principles involved in earthbending and aspects of Sud's personality. This also makes him a counterpart to Toph, as her last name, Beifong, means "north".
  • Sud did not seem to have the typical green eyes that many other earthbenders have.
Preceded by
Wong and Lek
Avatar's earthbending master
Unknown (BG)
Succeeded by
Toph Beifong


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