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Steven Jay "Steve" Blum is an American actor and voice actor known primarily for his work in anime dubs and video games, using his distinctive deep voice. He voiced Amon, Yao, and several additional characters in The Legend of Korra, and also voiced Hundun in the Legend of Korra video game.

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Frog spirit

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Red Lotus guard #1


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Steve Blum has voiced hundreds of characters in film, television, video games, and commercials. He is best known for his roles as Spike Spiegel in the anime series Cowboy Bebop and Mugen in Samurai Champloo, as well as Wolverine in several television series and video games.


  • Blum is generally considered the "king of anime" even though he is not a huge fan of it; he respects anime as an art form, however.
  • Many of his earlier credits have him listed under the name David Lucas.