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Korra and Naga stowed away on a steamship to travel to Republic City.

Steamships are large vessels used for transporting goods between various locations around the world.[1]


After Tenzin told Korra that her airbending training at the Southern Water Tribe compound would have to wait due to his responsibilities back in Republic City, the Avatar took it upon herself to travel to the metropolis by stowing away with Naga on such a steamship. Not long after, a few White Lotus sentries approached Korra at Air Temple Island to accompany her on a forced return to the Southern Water Tribe via steamship, though the vessel went unused as Tenzin decided the Avatar could stay.[1]

When Team Avatar and Tenzin's family journeyed to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival in 171 AG, they all traveled on a white and red steamship that had a gold bow.[2] Later that year, Korra, Tonraq, Senna, Naga, and Kya boarded a blue and white steamship heading toward the Southern Water Tribe.[3]


Steamship cargo

Much of the cargo on a ship is stored within crates, though automobiles are tethered to the floor.

A steamship is a large, metallic structure, with massive paddle wheels located on either side. The ship employs steam power to propel itself through the water. The bow and smokestacks on the ship are red in color and decorated with gold trimmings. The vessel has two tall masts, one near the bow and the other near the stern, which are suspended by ropes, while the smokestacks, of which there are generally two or three, are found near the center of the hull. The ship's interior is made spacious to hold considerable amounts of cargo, which are contained mainly within boxes and crates, while larger items, such as automobiles, are tethered to the floor. Metal doors lead in and out of this area.[1]


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