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"It's a high-level airbender move. With a little spiritual stuff thrown in."
Jinora explains her astral form to Kai.[1]

Jinora used her spiritual projection technique to search for the missing airbenders.

Spiritual projection is a specialized airbending technique that consists of projecting one's spirit out of the body to travel to another location. Through projection, an airbender is able to explore places that would otherwise be physically inaccessible, such as moving around freely underwater or to sealed locations by passing through solid matter, while also being capable to normally talk with other people. Furthermore, airbenders can use this technique to find individuals with whom they have a strong bond by focusing on their spiritual energy. It is a very advanced technique that requires a strong spiritual connection.[1]


Era of Kyoshi

During the lifetime of Avatar Kyoshi, a young Air Nomad named Mangal was particularly skilled at spiritual projection and developed a strong affinity with spirits. Able to communicate with them, he used to solve problems in villages near the Northern Air Temple by sensing what was causing the spirits distress and helping them fix it.[2]

171 AG

Using an amplified version of the spiritual projection technique during Harmonic Convergence, Jinora was able to illuminate Raava's presence with UnaVaatu.

During Harmonic Convergence, Jinora used an amplified version of this technique to assist Avatar Korra during her battle with the Dark Avatar. Due to the amplification of the spiritual energy, she was able to traverse further than normal.[3]

In the week following the Unalaq Crisis, Jinora used the technique again after sensing that Korra was in trouble. Even though her body was still en route to return from a journey to the Southern Water Tribe, the young airbender managed to contact Korra on Air Temple Island, Republic City, the South Pole, and the Spirit World to help her figure out how to regain her bending abilities.[4]

Several weeks later, Jinora used her ability to try to locate the new airbenders in Ba Sing Se. With it, she was free to explore the now submerged Dai Li base underneath Lake Laogai. After the search proved to be futile, she locked on to Kai's energy and was able to project herself to him. By passing through solid rock and earth, Jinora discovered that Kai and the other airbenders were being held by Earth Queen Hou-Ting underneath the Earth Queen's Temple.[1]

The technique came in handy again when Jinora and all other members of the Air Nation were imprisoned in the Air Nomad caves by the Red Lotus. She used the ability to try and find a way to escape. Although she did not succeed in that regard, she did discover Korra's whereabouts and learned about the poison used on her, which enabled Tonraq, Mako, and Bolin to find Korra and Suyin Beifong to save her life.[5]

174 AG

After Korra went missing from the South Pole, Jinora tried to sense her with her spiritual projection, though to no avail. She reassured her father, however, that she would have more luck once they were out of Republic City. En route through the Earth Kingdom with Ikki and Meelo on Pepper, Jinora tried on a regular basis to sense Korra, though without results. It was only after Korra reconnected with herself that Jinora was able to hone in on the Avatar's spiritual energy and locate her at the base of the banyan-grove tree in the Foggy Swamp.[6]

Jinora used her spiritual projection technique to call for Korra's help when she was attacked by the spirit vines.

Not long after, while facing Kuvira's army at Zaofu, Jinora used her spiritual projection to call her siblings within the city for help.[7] Several weeks later, she used it again to alert Korra that she was taken captive by spirit vines.[8]

When members of the Triple Threat Triad threatened to take over the new Republic City spirit portal in the aftermath of Kuvira's failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Jinora used spiritual projection to alert Team Avatar on Air Temple Island.[9]

Known users


  • The spiritual projection technique is at its strongest during Harmonic Convergence because the celestial event amplifies all spiritual energy.[1]
  • Though similar, this technique is different from the astral projection created by Korra, which is an energybending technique.[3]


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