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This article is about the creature in the Spirit World. For the creature in the Northern Air Temple, see firefly. For the creature in the swamp, see glowfly.

The Spirit World firefly is a creature that emits a bright white light. Following the creature's light can lead an individual to what they are looking for.[1]


When Aang visited the Spirit World seeking the help of Tui and La to save the Northern Water Tribe, he disturbed a baboon spirit's meditation. A firefly passed by and the spirit suggested that Aang follow it, as it might lead him to what he was looking for. It led Aang to Avatar Roku, who told him about the spirit, Koh.[2]

Months later, while in a coma after being struck in the back with Azula's lightning,[3] Aang was tasked with catching multiple Spirit World fireflies and placing them in a lantern. Once he completed the task, Roku's animal guide, Fang, appeared and guided him to Avatar Roku.[4]


The Spirit World firefly has large eyes, a wide prothorax, and long thorax with wings spreading back to a luminescent tail. The head is smaller than the rest of the creature's body which has six legs. The tail is capable of producing a light bright enough to encompass the creature's entire body.


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