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The term "Spider cat" has not been confirmed by official sources.
This article is about the animal. For the triad, see Spider Cat Triad.

The spider cat is a chimerical creature whose head was mounted as a display in Wan Shi Tong's Library, along with the heads of at least two other animals.[1]


In 100 AG, Team Avatar and Professor Zei visited Wan Shi Tong's Library searching for information on the Fire Nation. When they first arrived, they saw the spider cat's head hanging on display on one of the pillars of the building.


The spider cat has the head of a spider and the ears of a cat. It has a total of six red compound eyes, two large and four small. The spider cat's head is covered in short brown and gray fur. The creature itself is large enough that its head is comparable in size to that of a walrus yak.


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