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Amon and Tarrlok fled Republic City on a speedboat.

A speedboat is a mode of aquatic transportation used in Republic City. Powered by gasoline, it can travel at high speeds across water. For this reason, speedboats have become a common getaway vehicle for pursued criminals.[1]


After he accidentally revealed his identity as a waterbender, Amon fled Republic City via speedboat with his brother, Tarrlok. Together, the two planned to start their life all over again, and Amon remarked that there was nothing they could not do. However, Tarrlok decided to detonate the boat's gas tank with an electrified glove, destroying the boat and ending their lives in the subsequent explosion.[1]

Six months later, Avatar Korra took a speedboat from Varrick to travel to the Fire Nation to gain military aid for the Southern Water Tribe. However, partway there, she was intercepted by her cousins, Desna and Eska, who were sent by their father to capture her, and the boat was destroyed during their battle.[2]

Upon realizing that they had been double-crossed by the Triple Threat Triad, Mako and Asami used a speedboat to escape from the ship they had been using as a decoy. They were quickly pursued by triad members in two other speedboats, and though Mako sent several blasts of fire at them, he was unable to hit either of the boats. Viper in turn created several icebergs, which Asami was able to safely steer around, but the waterbender subsequently lifted the boat into the air on a geyser of water, causing it to land back in the water with a large crash.

Getting closer to Republic City, the speedboats' paths were blocked by several lanes of traffic. Asami aimed their speedboat at two large ships passing one another, and though they managed to make the turn successfully, the speedboat Two Toed Ping was traveling on failed to make the corner, capsizing as it did so. Viper and Shady Shin's boat, however, did manage to make it through, and after cutting off Mako and Asami, causing their boat's engine to stall, they collided with them head-on. Viper and Mako begin fighting one another atop the deck of the boat, but as they sped closer to the harbor wall, Asami managed to restart their engine, breaking free and causing the other boat to crash into a nearby building.[3]


Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge is located near the driver's seat.

The boat Amon and Tarrlok used in their getaway was orange in color, with decorative golden linings and trimmings. The engine was located within the bow, while the back portion of the craft held all the passenger seats as well as the gasoline tank. The exhaust was golden in color and found on top of the bow. Between the engine and seats were four panes of glass used to deflect wind away from the passenger compartment. Near the driver's seat were the control mechanisms, which included a steering wheel, as well as a fuel gauge. The other seats were to the left of and behind the driver's seat; altogether, four people could be comfortably seated in the craft. Near the brown seats were shelves, where Amon kept several electrified gloves. The floor of the small vessel was large enough to hold the aforementioned shelves of electrified gloves and even an electric backpack generator. Overall, the boat was intricately designed with ornate patterns.[1]


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