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The sparrowkeet is a small green bird which is kept as a housepet in Ba Sing Se.[1]


Team Avatar once encountered a group of sparrowkeets while in a pet shop within the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se. These birds got into a scuffle with Momo, who quickly commandeered their food bowl and ate its contents. The owner of the shop was forced to evict Team Avatar after Momo began to harass these sparrowkeets, who began circling Momo's head, squawking loudly.[1]


The sparrowkeet is a dove-sized bird. It has lime-green colored feathers, except for those on its head, which are primarily yellow with white areas around its eyes and orange spots on its cheeks. It also has a light orange band around its neck and a peach colored parakeet-like beak, suited for seed-cracking.


The sparrowkeet is rowdy, and can become angry if its food is eaten or disturbed.[1]


The sparrowkeet's body resembles that of the Carolina parakeet. It is a mix between a sparrow and a parakeet and has orange dots on the cheeks much like those seen in cockatiels.


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