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Sozin's dragon was a blue dragon that Fire Lord Sozin used as a mount and his animal companion.[1] Sozin's dragon was considered to be as vicious as his master and able to fly great distances at fast speeds.[2]


In 12 BG, Sozin used his dragon to cross the hundred miles that separated the Fire Nation Capital and Roku's island in order to help his old friend battle the erupting volcanoes that threatened to engulf the island in fire. When Roku was fainting from the poisonous volcanic gases, Sozin's dragon swooped in and saved only his master, while the pyroclastic flow swept over the Avatar and his dragon, killing them both.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Together with Roku's dragon, Fang, Sozin's dragon represented the comparison of red and blue dragons: Fang was red and represented good, whereas Sozin's dragon was blue and represented evil.


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