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This article is about the prison located in the Southern Water Tribe. For other similar uses, see Prisons (disambiguation).

The Southern Water Tribe prison is a detainment facility located on the edge of a cliff situated high in the mountains of the Southern Water Tribe. Pentagonal in structure, its exterior is constructed entirely of stone, with watchtowers located at every vertex. The interior of the prison is comprised of long hallways that lead to stone and metal containment cells.


Korra and Senna hug Tonraq

Korra and Senna comforted Tonraq inside his prison cell.

In 171 AG, Tonraq and the Southern Water Tribe rebels stood trial, and were all found guilty of treason by Judge Hotah. They were initially sentenced to death, but their punishment was changed to life imprisonment, and they were sent to the Southern Water Tribe prison. Following the verdict, Avatar Korra and Senna visited Tonraq while he was incarcerated to ensure he was well. Upon seeing her father, Korra offered to help him escape, which Tonraq rejected due to its potential to start a civil war between the North and the South.

Korra and Mako fighting Unalaq

Korra and Mako attacked Unalaq in the Southern Water Tribe prison.

Later that night, Korra returned to the prison with Asami and Mako to break her father out, hiding under the floor of the hall where Tonraq's cell was located. When the night guard walked by, Asami stunned him with an electrical glove and the three members of Team Avatar all proceeded to Tonraq's cell door. To their surprise, when they arrived, they realized that Korra's father was not inside. Unalaq appeared in the corridor shortly after, and announced that Tonraq had been transferred to a ship headed to the Northern Water Tribe, where he was to serve the rest of his sentence.

In anger, Korra attacked her uncle with a barrage of firebending blasts and, with the aid of Mako, she was able to knock Unalaq to the other end of the corridor with a blast of airbending. Korra, Mako, and Asami took advantage of this opportunity to rush out of the prison to rescue Tonraq and the other rebels. By the time Unalaq had regained enough strength to stand up, Team Avatar was out of sight.[1]


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