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The Southern Water Tribe compound is a small encampment that lies deep within the South Pole, near the capital city of Wolf Cove in the Southern Water Tribe.[1] It was where Avatar Korra was kept and protected by the Order of the White Lotus during her training to become a fully realized Avatar.[2]


Prior to his death, Avatar Aang left the task of keeping his next incarnation safe to the Order of the White Lotus. However, after the Order discovered that Korra was the next Avatar, her life came under threat by the criminals Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P'Li. As a result, Tenzin and Tonraq decided it would be best to train Korra in seclusion. For this purpose, they and the White Lotus members established the compound.[3]

Sometime after mastering both waterbending and earthbending, Korra's firebending test was conducted within the campgrounds. The young Avatar demonstrated raw power and strength during her test against three skilled firebenders, defeating all of them with relative ease. The members of the Order who oversaw Korra's test were reluctant to pass her; the leader in particular believed that she lacked restraint. They consulted Katara, her waterbending mentor, who believed that Korra was ready to begin her airbending training.

Tenzin and his family visited the compound to tell Korra the bad news.

Tenzin and his family arrived at the compound shortly afterward. Tenzin informed Korra that he was unable to move to the South Pole to oversee her airbending training due to his commitments in Republic City as a member of the United Republic Council. As a compromise, Korra suggested she move to Republic City to begin her training at Air Temple Island instead. The White Lotus leader was quick to disagree, stating that Republic City was far too dangerous for a young Avatar. Despite the disapproval of her guardians, Korra escaped the compound at night on her polar bear dog, Naga, and stowed away on a vessel headed to the metropolis.[2] After Korra's departure, the compound remained an outpost for the Order.

After saving Republic City from Amon, Korra and her friends traveled to the Southern Water Tribe compound, where they hoped Katara would be able to heal the Avatar of her bending block inflicted upon her by the Equalist leader's advanced bloodbending. After an unsuccessful attempt to restore Korra's ability to waterbend, earthbend, and firebend, the Avatar ran away from the compound with Naga.[4]

Nearly a year later, the compound became host to dozens of injured Southern Water Tribe rebels who sought refuge from the Northern troops and were tended to by Katara and several other healers. Shortly after, Team Avatar, along with Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi, arrived to bring a spiritless Jinora to Katara for examination.[5]

Korra returned to the compound to recover from her mercury poisoning and near-death confrontation with Zaheer. Progression was slow at first and it took Korra months to recuperate to the point where she could fight again. When Tenzin came to visit her, she eagerly demonstrated her skills by participating in a sparring match with three firebenders. Although she performed well at first, she was eventually overcome with visions of Zaheer, causing her to lose her confidence and focus. Witnessing his pupil be overpowered, Tenzin intervened and declared the sparring match over.[6]

Layout and description

The compound's training facilities were tailored for the Avatar's usage.

The compound is an isolated encampment secured by thick walls of ice and a large gate. The enclosure contains several watchtowers, large buildings for shelter, an obstacle course, and sub-level pens lined with hay for animals such as Naga.

A large raised platform of ice, which can be used for combat practice, is located in the center of the camp, being the same arena where Korra's firebending test was conducted. A wooden pavilion overlooks the large platform, giving a complete view of events below; it was from here that the members of the Order of the White Lotus monitored Korra's progress during her test. Sentries from the White Lotus also man the watchtowers and clear any individual wishing to enter or exit the encampment.

Korra passed her firebending test on the platform with ease.

The architecture in Korra's camp ranges from traditional water-based structures, such as igloos, to buildings with a stone foundation. Wooden pavilions and metal tanks are also present within the enclosure. The encampment reflects Water Tribe culture as several totem poles can be seen within the camp, and animal pelts line the walls of the buildings' interiors. A large lion turtle design and ornate patterns adorn the outer gates, a reference to the Order of the White Lotus.[2]

There is also a healing hut where Katara works and has helped injured soldiers[5] and Korra. The building is large enough to house several beds,[5] as well as a healing bath, a physiotherapy room,[6] and a waiting room.[4]


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