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This Southern Water Tribe boy was one of the boys Sokka attempted to train as a warrior in the Southern Water Tribe. Like the other young boys, his age hindered his ability to excel in Sokka's lessons.[1]


After Sokka finished giving a group of Southern Water Tribe children an inspiring speech about being courageous, this boy raised his hand and stated he had to use the restroom. Sokka denied his request, but after he insisted, Sokka allowed him and the other boys to use the bathroom. There they met Aang, who had been on his way out. The Avatar told the children a joke, and they all laughed.[1]

Later, with Sokka and the others anticipating an attack from the Fire Nation, the former mobilized his group of young soldiers. The boy again requested a bathroom break, but Sokka rejected his plea. Soon after, as Sokka was dueling Zuko, the boy threw him a spear, reminding him to "show no fear".[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)