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Southern Raiders frigates commonly sailed to the Southern Water Tribe.

Southern Raiders frigates were raiding ships used by the Southern Raiders unit of the Fire Nation Navy. When Fire Lord Azulon gave the order to capture the remaining waterbenders in the Southern Water Tribe, these ships served as the primary means of transportation.


In 94 AG, at least three frigates, lodging a large number of firebenders, were used as a means of transportation by the Southern Raiders during the last of the Southern Water Tribe raids.

Later, Zuko and Katara attacked one of the frigates patrolling near Whaletail Island in an attempt to track down the Raiders' captain who killed Katara's mother.[1]


Southern Raiders frigate

Frigates were equipped to accommodate overnight stays and long-term habitation by their human operators.

Southern Raiders frigates were large naval vessels constructed using advanced metallurgy. Like other Fire Navy ships, the frigates included compartments below decks to store various weapons and mechanisms for use in battle, as well as a number of crew quarters. However, the frigates were heavily specialized; each possessed a stronger and larger engine than the standard ship design, as well as a sharp, heavy bow that acted as an icebreaker, allowing them to navigate the frozen sea of the South Pole. The frigates were also fitted with paddle wheels rather than the screws used by other ships in the Fire Navy, with the former less susceptible to being damaged by ice. Furthermore, the bridge section was much larger, but lower in height than that of a standard Fire Nation warship. Red flags bearing black sea raven icons, the symbol of the Southern Raiders, were flown atop the masts.[1]


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