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The Southern Raiders commander was the head of the Southern Raiders in 100 AG.[1] He succeeded Yon Rha in the position.


Following Commander Yon Rha's retirement in 96 AG, this Southern Raider was appointed to take his position.

Four years later, Katara and Zuko attacked the crew in order to exact revenge on the man that killed Katara's mother. When Katara busted through the control room's door with her waterbending, the commander immediately retaliated with his own firebending; his attacks were easily brushed aside by Zuko. Convinced she had found her mother's murderer, Katara bloodbent the captain into submission. During the interrogation led by Zuko, the captain repeatedly claimed that he had no idea what they were talking about. An angry Katara raised the man off the ground with her bloodbending in order to look him in the eye. She quickly realized, however, that he was not the man she was looking for and subsequently released him from her grasp. Zuko picked up the captain and slammed him against the window, forcing him to reveal the identity of the man for whom they were searching. He told Zuko that Yon Rha, the previous commander, had retired four years prior to a small island village and was the one who had led the raid on the Southern Water Tribe.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)

Preceded by
Yon Rha
Commander of the Southern Raiders
96 AG - Unknown
Succeeded by


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