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The sooty copper fritillary is a highly coveted species of butterfly in the Earth Kingdom. Often found flying near the dust of copper mines, miners track them to uncover new mineral deposits, a method of finding copper that has earned many people large sums of money.[1]


After Haru was captured and imprisoned by the Fire Nation, Katara decided to get herself arrested in order to save him from the prison rig. As she and Sokka discussed their plan, Aang played with a sooty copper fritillary.[2]

Several months later, as Aang was discussing Appa's shedding, a fritillary flew past his head. Momo attempted to catch the butterfly without success.[3]


The sooty copper fritillary has orange and yellow wings, with the orange coloration closer to the abdomen of the insect and the yellow nearer the edge of the wings. It has a brown abdomen, thorax, and head.


The sooty copper fritillary is likely a combination of a Sooty Copper butterfly and a type of argynnis butterfly, commonly known as fritillary.


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