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This article is about the Earth Kingdom girl. For the metalbending police officer, see Song.

Song was a young girl who worked at a hospital in an agricultural Earth Kingdom village.


Song lived with her mother in a small farming village in the western Earth Kingdom. Her father was captured during a Fire Nation raid on their village when she was a little girl, and Song bore a large scar on her leg, where a firebender had attacked her during the assault.

Song met Iroh and Zuko after the latter brought his uncle to the farming village hospital where the young girl worked, in order to have the rash Iroh had received from drinking tea made from a white jade flower treated properly. Song covered Iroh's rash with ointment while conversing with the two, who introduced themselves as Mushi and Lee, respectively. Noticing that Iroh and Zuko had been on the road for a while without proper nourishment, she invited them back to her home for dinner, but Zuko promptly refused. Trying to persuade them to join her anyway, she casually mentioned that it was unfortunate they would not be joining her since "[her] mother always [made] too much roast duck." After hearing about the menu for the evening, Iroh readily accepted for the both of them.

Song revealed the scar she received during the Fire Nation's raid on her village to Zuko.

During dinner, the conversation shifted to talk about the Hundred Year War, and Song spoke of the hardships her family had been put through because of it. Afterward, Zuko retreated to the porch, lost in thought about what the Fire Nation did to the world, when Song asked to join him. In an attempt to console him, she looked at his scar and told him that the Fire Nation had hurt her as well, referring to the scar on her leg. Zuko appeared shocked and sympathetic at this revelation.

As Zuko and Iroh prepared to depart, Song, in a last attempt to brighten up Zuko, informed the prince that there was still hope left in the world, even if Zuko did not believe there was, since the Avatar had returned, to which Zuko coldly replied that he knew. As Song went inside, she saw Zuko steal her family's ostrich horse; crushed and looking down in sadness, she closed the door.[1]


Song was compassionate, trusting, and always willing to aid others. She showed a great amount of sympathy toward Zuko, upon learning about his difficult relationship with his father and seeing his scar. She tried to offer comfort and hope to those whom she felt were troubled.[1]


Song's mother


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • Song and her mother wore hanbok, a type of traditional Korean clothing.
  • The Rise of Kyoshi features a character named Mistress Song who, similarly to Song, also lived in a small village in the Earth Kingdom and worked as a doctor tending to people's injuries.[3]


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