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Song's mother was a kindhearted middle-aged woman who resided in an Earth Kingdom village that remained unoccupied by the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War.[1]


Together with her husband, this woman had a daughter, Song, and together they lived a peaceful life until the day the Fire Nation raided their farming village. Her husband was abducted by Fire Nation forces and her young daughter received a large scar on her leg as a result of the attack.

When Iroh suffered a severe rash from consuming a tea made of the poisonous white jade bush, he and Zuko journeyed to an Earth Kingdom village where they sought treatment in the local hospital. Song treated Iroh's afflictions and offered them a stay at her house for dinner later that evening, which Iroh happily accepted.

Song's mother showed warm hospitality toward her guests, sympathizing with them upon hearing they were refugees. She cooked a large meal consisting of a variety of Earth Kingdom dishes, including roast duck. Upon Zuko and Iroh's departure, she gave Iroh a going away gift and remarked how she took joy in seeing someone eat her cooking with "such gusto". Despite her hospitality, Zuko stole an ostrich horse owned by Song's mother as he and Iroh were leaving their house. While this was spotted by Song, her mother did not know of the theft.[1]


Song's mother was gentle, loving, and empathetic toward war refugees. Good-natured and tender, she was more than willing to aid someone in need and offer them a meal. She took pleasure in seeing her guests enjoy her cooking.[1]


Song's mother


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book Two: Earth (土)[]


  • Song and her mother wore hanboks, traditional Korean clothing.
  • According to Song, her mother "always [made] too much roast duck".
  • Song's mother was inspired by character designer Angela Song Mueller's mother, with Song being inspired by and named after Mueller herself.[2]


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