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Sokka is a Water Tribe warrior and the leader and tactician of Team Avatar. Although he lacks bending abilities, he still possesses a multitude of skills and has become a valuable asset to the team.


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Northern Water Tribe[]

Aang found Sokka while looking for Katara. He was arguing with Katara about who should wash their clothes, to which he said he should not because he was a man; therefore, it was not his job.

After assisting Aang in defending the Northern Water Tribe, they discovered that Katara was kidnapped, which caused them to embark on a search for Appa, only to discover the flying bison battling a Fire Nation machine. Once they defeated the machine, the two climbed on Appa and traveled to a small island to which Zuko's ship had traveled, according to a villager.

The village[]

The two left the Water Tribe and traveled to an Earth Kingdom village, referred to as the Port Village. Outside the village, Sokka and Aang discovered the capability of becoming invisible. This ability helped them sneak past the guards and enter the settlement. In the village, the duo met the village elder, who stated she had not seen Katara but would ask around for information and clues. In the meantime, she told them they could roam safely without revealing their identities by stealing Fire Nation Army uniforms.

Sokka and Aang headed to the nearby Fire Nation barracks, where they found uniforms before returning to the village. Upon returning, the elder appealed to them for help with a major issue. She told them that the village's food was mysteriously disappearing. The two agreed to help and went on to fight several small groups of hog monkeys to get to the mountains.

There, they discovered that the Fire Nation was stealing and storing the village's food inside a cave located high in the mountains. Sokka and Aang informed the elder of this, and she thanked them. She also told them to appeal to the Dock Merchant for information. They found the Dock Merchant at the docks and were told that he saw Zuko's ship being captured and taken to the village docks, where the jailer imprisoned him and Katara in the mountains. With this information, Sokka and Aang headed to the prison.

Rescuing Katara[]

Upon arrival at the Fire Nation prison, Sokka and Aang fought their way through several firebenders, spear-wielding men, and soldiers. They subsequently battled a firebending captain at the bottom level of the prison, where Katara was being kept. Once freed, she told Sokka and Aang about a machine maker named Lian who was being forced to create machines and was locked up in that prison. The team entered a large prison chamber where they found the jailer meditating. The jailer demonstrated great skill in firebending but was ultimately defeated by the team. They discovered that Lian had escaped and left a map showing the directions to an earthbending training camp.

Earthbending training camp[]

Once there, Team Avatar aided Tyro, Haru, and the other earthbenders who were being attacked by the machines. Tyro told them that one of their own members, Yuan, had been kidnapped. Haru joined the team to help find his friend. They found a cave that led to an ancient spirit. After defeating it, it told them to go to Omashu.

Heading to Omashu[]

The group reached Omashu and asked King Bumi for information. He told them to go to the library. Since they were not earthbending masters, they had to sneak in. They eventually found some information on some maps and returned to Bumi to if he could decipher the maps. He said he would need a special paste to decipher them. They got the paste, but the Fire Nation attacked the city, forcing them to run around the city, facing Fire Nation soldiers to get back to the palace. Once back with the paste, Bumi told them to go to an island called Four Paws. They made another trek through the city, again dodging firebenders and soldiers. When they reached the exit, they were stopped by Bumi's advisor, but they defeated him and made their way to the island.

Four Paws Island and Lian[]

When they reached Four Paws Island, the gang found the Maker, Lian, creating more machines. Aang refused her help, seeing as how the machines were disrupting villages. Lian voiced her contempt for him and sent a machine to fight them. While the gang was distracted, Lian fled to a nearby air temple in an attempt to destroy the Avatar statues.


Aang journeyed to the temple alone, leaving Sokka, Katara, and Haru behind. Aang managed to stop Lian by defeating all the machines in the temple. However, while investigating the source of a strange noise, Sokka, Katara, and Haru were captured by another machine, which quickly fled.

Aang followed the trail the machine had left to a fortress. Inside the fortress, he found Sokka, Katara, and Haru trapped and rescued them. While searching the fortress for Lian, the gang briefly encountered Zuko, who was being held captive. Aang attempted to help him, but Zuko attacked the group and was swept away in a waterfall.

Final battle[]

Team Avatar entered the fortress, where they found Lian, having finished a machine being manned by the missing waterbender Hiryu, Haru's friend Yuan, and a nameless firebender. Lian voiced her contempt for benders in general, saying "thinkers should be in charge, not magicians". Believing that division of the elements was the real reason behind the war, her machines would be used to "even the playing field". Sokka, being a nonbender, voiced his disagreement with her opinion.

Lian called out to the missing benders, including Yuan, who were willing to aid her by powering the Ultimaton, a war machine capable of controlling fire, earth, water, sound, and air.

Team Avatar's combined attacks managed to subdue the machine. When Aang became momentarily distracted, the Ultimaton tried to attack him from behind. Before the machine could harm Aang, Katara jumped in the way and took the attack, consequently being knocked unconscious. An enraged Aang went into the Avatar State and destroyed the machine.

Haru and Yuan reconciled, and the team left the scene on Appa. Haru asked Sokka if he never liked benders, as he said with Lian, to which the latter commented that he finds them all right. He was teased by Aang and Katara, much to his aggravation.

The Burning Earth[]

Fong's fortress[]

Team Avatar flew on Appa toward General Fong's base. When Appa sneezed, Aang and Katara fell off him into the base; Sokka and Appa left in search of food and something to drink. Aang and Katara encountered General Fong and his soldiers and defeated them. They faced another wave of soldiers, which they defeat once again. Witnessing this, Fong resorted to fighting them himself in an attempt to induce the Avatar State. He accomplished his goal, but he was ultimately defeated and knocked out by Sokka's boomerang. Sokka inquired whether the soldiers had a problem with that, to which they replied they did not. The guards offered Team Avatar an escort to Omashu, a proposition they declined. The team departed the base and headed toward Omashu, which, unbeknownst to them, was under Fire Nation control.


Team Avatar flew toward Omashu on Appa, only to discover that the city had been taken over by the Fire Nation. Katara opposed entering the city and stated that Aang should find a different teacher. However, Aang rebutted her and said that it was not about finding an earthbending teacher anymore but about helping a friend in need. Aang stated that he knew a secret way into the city, so they continued onward.

Sokka with pentapox

Two purple pentapuses clung to Sokka's face.

Upon arrival at the secret passageway to Omashu, Sokka stuck his head into it, resulting in several purple pentapuses clinging to his face. While Katara searched for a suitable hiding place for Appa, Sokka and Aang made their way through the passageway. While walking, the two encountered two Fire Nation soldiers who questioned their intentions. To ward them off, Sokka feigned having the imaginary disease, "pentapox", prompting the guards to run away in panic.

He and Aang reached a pipe where they could overhear the soldiers discussing their encounter with another Fire Nation soldier. The higher-up told one of the men to inform the governor about the spreading disease, while the other was to remain in the passageway. Eventually, Sokka and Aang found an earthbender who earthbent them to the secret resistance camp.

Once there, the two were questioned as to how they had made it to the camp, to which Aang responded that they were friends of King Bumi. In order to aid the resistance in exiting the city without ensuing violence, Sokka devised a plan in which everyone in the resistance camp would contract "pentapox". The resistance camp leader commented that it was a good plan, although many pentapuses and supplies were needed. Sokka and Aang were subsequently earthbent up into the city to acquire the needed supplies. They ultimately succeeded in procuring the supplies, which they gave to the resistance leader.

Once Aang and Katara finished their quest for Bumi, the team left Omashu in search of Aang's new earthbending teacher.

The swamp[]

While traveling to Ba Sing Se, the team encountered a tornado and was consequently split into pairs. Aang, along with Sokka, discovered that Fire Nation waste was polluting the swamp, and they cleaned it up before pressing forward.

Soon after, however, Sokka became separated from Aang and had a vision of Yue. After she disappeared, Sokka briefly mourned his loss, though he denied having had a vision when asked by Aang upon reuniting.

They eventually found Katara in a nearby village, where they were informed that a group of men from the village were hunting Appa for dinner. Sokka remained behind while Aang and Katara left to rescue Appa. After Aang received a vision of his future earthbending teacher and an impending peril in Ba Sing Se, the team departed toward the Gaoling.


Sokka and the others arrived at Gaoling to find Aang a teacher. However, Sokka became distracted by a bag that was on sale. While Katara and Aang searched for the teacher, he spent the majority of their money on the bag, finding it came with a free ticket for Earth Rumble VI. Liking the idea of watching, in Katara's words, "a bunch of big guys throwing a bunch of rocks at each other", he went along to the arena.

After watching the opening match, he was found by Katara and Aang, who had sneaked in. Katara left them not wanting to watch something so pointless. Aang decided to get him and Sokka a chance to fight the blind bandit, feeling them to be his destined teacher. Sokka initially objected, but after winning the qualifying round, he gained confidence and outright insulted the blind bandit, which prompted the girl to launch him swiftly out of the arena. After Aang won, Sokka claimed the prize money and the belt.

They later went to the Beifong estate to find the girl Aang had defeated, wanting her to become his master. They were soon attacked by Xin Fu and The Boulder, demanding Sokka turn over the prize money for their lives. Once Katara and Sokka did so back at the arena, Xin Fu only returned Toph, the girl, back. Knowing they needed Aang, Toph and Sokka attacked the pair, won, and saved Aang. While leaving, Toph attacked Sokka with earthbending to reclaim her belt, feeling she was champion again.

The team proceeded to the Misty Palms Oasis to start Aang's training.

Misty Palms Oasis[]

Sokka and the group continued on to the Misty Palms Oasis. They stopped briefly to allow Aang and Toph to detour so Aang could start his earthbending training. Sokka and the others arrived at the Oasis. While waiting for Aang and Toph, Sokka and Katara encountered Zei, a professor who they felt could help them find a way to defeat the Fire Nation. They soon noticed that sandbenders attempted to steal Appa; with Toph and Aang's help, they defeated the would-be thieves.

The team all went inside a bar to relax and discuss the plans. They learned of a drill that was being built and of a library in the desert containing vast knowledge of the Spirit World, the nations, and events that could occur. The team set out to locate the library together with Professor Zei.

After escaping a herd of buzzard wasps thanks to Aang, they finally found the library. While Toph remained outside, the others entered the building, though the guardian of the library soon prevented them from venturing further until they proved they would not use the library's knowledge to wreak havoc on others. As his contribution to the library, Sokka presented a string design, which the spirit accepted without pleasure.

Left to his devices, Sokka searched for a way to defeat the Fire Nation and discovered how to defeat the drill and when the Day of Black Sun would occur. Sokka and the others' behavior did not please the guardian, who attacked them while sinking the library. The team managed to flee the premises, though Professor Zei decided to remain behind.

Once outside, Toph informed the trio that the sandbenders had attacked and stole Appa. Sokka helplessly watched as Aang entered the Avatar State in a fit of rage and attacked the sand beneath him.