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Sokka's Poem is one of the comics featured in Team Avatar Tales.


Sokka thinks on his achievements despite his inability to bend. While he thinks, he and Katara fight the pirate captain, and he meditates on his successes, like rescuing Suki from the Boiling Rock, or defeating the wolf spirit. As the rest of Team Avatar goes to sleep, Sokka remarks that he rarely does, because there are many things to do and only he can do them.


Sokka and Katara fight a pirate captain, himself having little success dueling until Katara attacks with waterbending and encases the upper half of the pirate's head in ice, while Sokka leads him to a prison cell. While this happens, he laments upon his "dumb jokes," how he lost his girlfriend to the moon, and how he cannot bend. However, he also thinks on his valor in rescuing Suki from the Boiling Rock, and "sort of" defeating the wolf spirit. He notes that the battles he fights and strategy he crafts makes for a busy life.

Sokka stands guard while the rest of Team Avatar sleeps.

Night falls upon Team Avatar's campsite, and a crescent moon rises. Sokka notes that the air is still, the waters are placid, the fire banked, the earth dense and unyielding. As Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko sleep, he goes on to think that no-one is combining his soul with a spirit, no one is reincarnated, no one is kidnapped, and everything sleeps. He notes that even Toph's eyes are closed, making her constant darkness darker.

Sokka states that with everyone vulnerable, barefoot and drowsy, he is at his best, and when people he loves and reveres need him whether they know it or not. Standing guard upon the campsite, he thinks that he almost never sleeps, as there is too much to do, and only he can do it.

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  • The ending poem is a haiku with one too many syllables in the third line, just like his last haiku he used when he met the Five-Seven-Five Society.[1]


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