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Sneers was a member of the Freedom Fighters, working as the team's scout. His job was to watch for approaching Fire Nation soldiers or anything else that could be deemed a threat or an interesting opportunity; in order to alert the other members, he would mimic a bird call.[2] After the end of the Hundred Year War and dissolution of the Freedom Fighters, he moved to Yu Dao and began a relationship with Kori Morishita.[4] Eventually, he became a member of the Yu Dao Resistance to protect both his relationship and new home.[1]


Life as a Freedom Fighter[]

As a young child, Sneers' parents were killed by firebenders, which eventually led him to join Jet and the Freedom Fighters.[1]

When Jet and the other Freedom Fighters ambushed a camp of some Fire Nation soldiers, Sneers jumped out of a tree to engage two armed soldiers without wielding any weapons himself. He relied on pure physical strength to push the first soldier up in the tree and throw the other away. He appeared to be unfazed by the excitement of battle, as he started eating some of the soldiers' leftover food as soon as they had retreated. Sneers later helped Pipsqueak and The Duke load a cart with the stolen supplies, which included blasting jelly and jelly candy, among other items.

Freedom Fighters working

Sneers working with his fellow Freedom Fighters.

Sneers was among the group of Freedom Fighters that accompanied Jet in carrying the blasting jelly toward the dam at night. While Jet, Pipsqueak, and Smellerbee occupied themselves with keeping Sokka from warning Aang and Katara about Jet's plans to flood the nearby occupied Earth Kingdom village of Gaipan, Sneers, Longshot, and The Duke placed the barrels of blasting jelly at the base of the dam. When they completed their task, one of them gave Jet a bird call signal, alerting him to the fact that they were done and that he could begin the next phase in their plan.[5]

Finding love and a new home[]

After the destruction of Gaipan, the Freedom Fighters separated. When Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot went to Ba Sing Se, Sneers traveled to Yu Dao to live with his uncle. There, he fell in love and eventually began a romantic relationship with Kori Morishita, an earthbender of Fire Nation descent.[1]

After Zuko refused to enforce the Harmony Restoration Movement and subsequently occupied Yu Dao, Sneers met Smellerbee and Longshot at the city's gates when they were assembling protesters against the continuing Fire Nation occupation. Still feeling loyalty to the Freedom Fighters' cause, Sneers hid his relationship with Kori and became a leader of the protests. When Team Avatar arrived at the city, he declared that he wanted the Fire Nation to leave Yu Dao and was prepared to support Smellerbee in her threat of violence if there was no deal made within three days following the Avatar's arrival in the city.[6]

Kori and Sneers discuss

Sneers and Kori argued about their respective positions in the Harmony Restoration Movement.

However, in the subsequent time, Sneers reentered the city to find Kori and was appalled to learn that she had been missing out on their dates to train with firebenders. When he revealed his involvement with Smellerbee's protest movement, the couple had an argument about their respective choices. Sneers told Kori that she needed to choose with which nation her loyalties lay, the Earth Kingdom or the Fire Nation. His girlfriend angrily countered his statement by giving him a choice of his own: continue to support Smellerbee or stand with her.[4]

Sneers decided to side with the Yu Dao Resistance, and supported the resistance's attack on Avatar Aang and Katara when they returned to Yu Dao by throwing axes at the couple. After running out of projectiles, Sneers retreated into an ax factory with Aang giving chase. Although he renewed his assault on the Avatar, he was defeated when Aang floored him with a well-aimed air ball. Sneers explained to a shocked Aang and Katara that even though he grew up hating the Fire Nation, his love for Kori was stronger than his past. He declared that Yu Dao was neither Fire Nation or Earth Kingdom and that he would fight to keep all intruders out. When Aang revealed that the Earth Kingdom Army was about to attack Yu Dao to violently enforce the decolonization, Sneers was shocked, though hoped that Aang would join them and help to defend the city. The Avatar left, however, still believing that the nations had to be separated.

Smellerbee confronts Sneers

Sneers attempts to introduce Kori to an angry Smellerbee.

During the battle for Yu Dao, Sneers and his allies awaited the Freedom Fighters who had broken through the city's walls. Noticing Smellerbee and Long Shot in front, he introduced them to Kori, though was met with a furious Smellerbee, who condemned his actions as traitorous. Sneers tried to explain to her that Yu Dao was neither Earth Kingdom nor Fire Nation, and that he wanted to stand up for what he believed to be a different place. However, when the Earth Kingdom Army arrived, Sneers urged Aang to decide if he was going to defend or doom Yu Dao's residents. When a fight broke out between the arriving Fire Nation Army and the Earth Kingdom Army, Sneers and Smellerbee also locked horns. Their skirmish was cut short, however, when Sokka intervened, ending their duel peacefully. Afterward, Sneers witnessed Aang creating a massive crevice around Yu Dao to separate it from the fighting armies.[1]

Sneers later joined his girlfriend and her parents, several government officials, and a partial Team Avatar at a meeting at the Yu Dao governor's estate, where they listened to an Earth Kingdom professor discuss theories in government.[7]


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  • Since Sneers did not travel outside the ideological world of the Freedom Fighters in the original series, he did not develop a more "nuanced" worldview like Smellerbee and Longshot. Sneers, having appeared in only one episode, did not undergo this metamorphosis. "Sneers's relationship with Kori is what happens when ideology comes up against flesh-and-blood human beings," Gene Luen Yang contends. "Often, the ideology has to give way."[8]


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