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Smoked sea slug can be found at a café in Shu Jing.

Smoked sea slug is a typical Fire Nation dish favored among commoners. It is served to the middle class, but even the royalty and aristocracy of the Fire Nation occasionally enjoy this dish. The upper class particularly savors dining on the tentacles of the sea slug, the only part of the animal that can be consumed raw.[1]


The dish was served to Sokka while Team Avatar was dining at a local café in Shu Jing after saving the town from a fire caused by a crashed meteor. However, Sokka did not eat it, as he was feeling down on himself due to his lack of bending abilities.[2]


Though it has not been specified, the sea slug could refer to:

  1. The sea cucumber.
  2. The Nudibranch, a member of the order Nudibranchia of opisthobranch gastropods.
  3. The Opisthobranchia, a common name applied to a very large group of heterobranch gastropod mollusks, which includes the nudibranchs, sea hares, sacoglossans and others, some of which have reduced shells and many of which are shell-less.
  4. Other groups of shell-less or reduced-shell marine gastropods, including the sorbeoconch family Carinarioidea and the pulmonate sea slug family Onchidiidae.


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